Man card

I always struggle when it comes to masculine cards. I make many cards that could be for a guy or a girl, but few that say MAN CARD. I saw this card on Pintrest  and as you know, with a KNK, if you see it, you can make it.

When I am looking for an image to recreate I always Google ____ silhouette. In this case I Googled Gear Silhouette . I found an image I  liked, copied and pasted it into KNK Studio, scanned it, vectorized it, and i t was ready to cut. And it cut so nicely!  The file is at the end of this post.


Gemstone paper by Coredinations

Glue dots

Black and gray cardstock


hand punch


15″ kNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 100

Speed 500

I could have done a print and cut or done the lettering in vinyl but I took the easy was out. I saved the words as a jpeg, imported it into Word, and ran it through the printer. I then cut it to size and used one of my few paper punches and cut the corners. I used mini glue dots to  attach the gears to  the card. Here is the file gear card  You could easily turn this into a Father’s day card!


Happy 2016

I am always so happy for the Holidays to be over. It seems like they consume my life for several months and I have no time for anything but getting ready for the Holidays. So once they are over my winter months are devoted to getting my house straightened out and spending time with my Klic N Kut. It is my favorite time of the year. :~) IMG_4620

I love Minions. I wanted to make a card with a Minion and did a search for a Minion coloring page. I found this cute little guy and using my KNK Studio did a trace. The easiest way to replicate it for me was vinyl. There are a lot of tiny pieces in the suit and gluing them on piece by piece would be a mess.

And, I wanted a message inside the card.

IMG_4621 Materials

White cardstock

Black solid core Coredinations paper


transfer tape

Black Crayola marker


KNK Maxx 15″

red capped blade


  • Paper 90
  • vinyl 46
  • marker 46

Speed 500

I cut the black paper for the base of the Minion. I then lowered the force to 46 and cut the vinyl. Because the gray part has so many little pieces I used the reverse weed method. To do this you cut out your vinyl and I always include a weed box around the design. You then cover the entire cut area with transfer tape. Make sure that you rub the tape so that the tape has a firm grip on the vinyl. Peel of the entire vinyl section using the tape, flip over, and start weeding any vinyl that you do not want to appear on the card. Once weeded apply it to the minion paper body.

I then inserted a childs Crayola Washable Marker into the tool holder and changed the settings from drag knife to pen. You find this under CUT/PLOTTING DEFAULT. Make sure you click apply when you have selected pen. It also helps to change it back to drag knife when you are done or you will wonder what you did to screw up your machine. :~)

It is fun to experiment to see what types of pens and markers fit into the tool holder and write nicely. The font I chose was Hello Ellie. I chose it because it was a very thin font.

Here is the file if you would like to make your own card. minion in suit


Snoopy and Woodstock


Who doesn’t love Snoopy and Woodstock?

snoopy & Woodstock IMG_4498



coredinations paper



red capped blade

force  45 vinyl 90 paper

speed 400

I saw a black and white image on line that I knew wood be easy to trace. I scanned it and vectorized it and viola, a cute vinyl cutting file. The cutting file is just above the photo. I love using vinyl for files like this because it eliminates the need for messy glue.

2 minute card

A friends little girl was getting baptized and I waited until literally the last minute to make a card. The entire card took less than 2 minutes. :O)

baptism IMG_4050 Materials

Patterned cardstock

Coredinations pink textured card stock

white vinyl

clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

40 force for vinyl

90 force for cardstock

300 speed

I cut the card front from a patterned cardstock. Then I cut the cross background from pink Coredinations textured cardstock. Lastly I cut the words and cross and applied them using clear transfer tape. I think it looks elegant!

The file for the cross is attached. The font used is Sweetheart script.baptism

Christmas falls on December 25th every year…


So why does it sneak up on me every year? Last year I was at  Michael’s craft store and they had these great blank cards on clearance. The plan was to buy  them and have all year to make them into great Christmas cards. I send out about 100 cards so it is no small feat to make them.


Coredinations paper


card blanks

KNK Maxx

Red capped blade


Speed 400

force 46 for vinyl

90  for Coredinations

IMG_3664 Aren’t they great? Well, fast forward 11 months and here I am, 10 days until Christmas and just starting. Lucky for me, My Scrap Chick sends out a free file every Friday and this file was perfect for me! If you aren’t signed up for their Friday Freebies the files are available for $1 on their site.

IMG_3663 IMG_3662 I used a white textured cardstock for the background, colored Coredinations for the red and green and white and silver vinyl for the Joy with the snowflake and the ornament top.

Then, there was a card that I saw on Pinterest that I thought would be fun to duplicate. IMG_3665 It is just a rectangle with 3 pine trees cut out of it and then you save the 3 trees, emboss them and put them on the card.  The one Pintrest had the pop dots so the trees stood off the paper a bit. I didn’t do this as it increases the cost to mail them. I attached the file for this card. Back to making my cards! Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I made!




3 pine tree card