KNK and the classroom


So I’m back in 2nd grade again and I had some time to make some much needed stuff for my classroom. I used my KNK Maxx 24″, black vinyl, transfer tape and my trusty old credit card to apply the letters.


The pencil cups were 3/$1 and I put some letter washi tape at the top and then put the table number in the middle. I also put the larger numbers on the table. Another cool thing (you can’t see in the picture) is I put smaller letters (A,B,C,D) and I use the letters to call students for different tasks. For example, I might say, “If you’re a D, come get the markers for your table.” It’s an easy way to delegate different tasks and give everyone the opportunity to help. File Sep 17, 3 35 24 PM


For this, I used electrical tape, washi tape and vinyl for the letters. It is a display white board in my room that I use to write down my lessons and objectives. File Sep 17, 3 35 45 PM

Of course, I needed to put my name on the door: File Sep 17, 3 34 55 PM

These pencil cans are just old coffee cans I wrapped with red duct tape, washi tape and put vinyl letters on. File Sep 17, 3 34 37 PM

I bought these clipboards at Dollar tree and put each student’s number below. It’s an easy and quick way to display their work. I eventually want to make something fancy with their pictures to cover the clip, but I haven’t figured out what yet. File Sep 17, 3 35 09 PM I also used these same numbers to mark their backpack hooks outside so they each have a specific hook to use.

My settings were:

f- 30, S- 250

Go figure, still using the SAME blade I put in over a year ago because I only use my Maxx for vinyl. The blade still cuts the material like butter.

Thanks for looking! Stay classy KNK-ers!

Paper piecing gone vinyl


I had a friend send me a picture of a poster and she wanted me to duplicate it for her daughter’s classroom. The problem for me was it had children super heroes and I wasn’t sure how I would duplicate that part of the poster. So, when in doubt, Google. And I found an old friend,Miss Kate’s Cutables. She has awesome files, they are very reasonable, and if you sign up she has free files on a regular basis.


IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_4303

I love the way it turned out!



transfer tape



red capped blade

speed 400

Force 45

I love paper piecing but it is time consuming and gluing tiny pieces and achieving a clean look is difficult. “paper piecing” with vinyl is still time consuming but so simple. Using the clear transfer tape allows you to place the vinyl so it lines up perfectly! The vinyl was placed on a 12″x24″ piece of wood cut by my Home Depot guy. It was then spray painted with Rustoleum 2X paint. I allow the paint to dry for 24 hours and then lightly sand it before applying the vinyl.



Decorating Sam’s Classroom for Halloween

Halloween Montage

This is the first time I’m posting a project that I didn’t have much to do with. However, I did volunteer to write up the post. 🙂

My assistant, Gabriella Lex, was asked by a friend who teaches a 5th grade class, to help decorate the classroom for Halloween. Gabriella pulled out her KNK Zing, opened up Make The Cut and had a great time creating some fun Halloween decorations suitable for a classroom.

Materials Used
KNK Zing
Make The Cut
Cardstock – black, orange, purple, yellow, green, white
POW Glitter Paper – black
Patterned Paper My Mind’s Eye – “Happy Haunting”
Various Adhesives
Googly Eyes
White Uniball Signo pen
Thin ribbon for hanging

Cutting on a Zing:
F = 90; Speed = 10/10; Red capped Zing blade, 1 pass, Offset: 0.35

Drawing with white pen:
F = 30; Speed = 10/10; 2 passes; Offset = 0


1. Gabriella used MTC’s Pixel Trace function to convert various images into cutting files. Here is a link to download the file (in MTC and KNK formats) for the various shapes shown above.

2. She then sized and cut out all shapes (except for the bones) using the Zing. The bats wings were cut from POW Glitter paper.

3. For the lettering on the bones, Gabriella used the free font Kristen ITC. Then she used a Uniball white pen mounted in a pen holder made using Michele Harvey’s technique in this prior Team KNK Post. She used the Zing to draw the lettering first and then had the bone shape cut out around the lettering. In this case, it was necessary to use WYSIWYG mode so that the bones and the lettering remained aligned.


4. Finally, after photographing all of her pieces here, she gathered up these dozens of items and headed over to Sam’s classroom on Friday at lunchtime to get everything put up!









Again, here’s the file with the various Halloween shapes for cutting! Hope you can use them in your Halloween decorations this season!

Halloween Shapes in MTC and KNK Formats

Fun Foam Wall Sign



This beautiful project is an idea to decorate a classroom wall. It was made tracing an image that I found in the Internet so I can’t share the files. This project was made with all the teachers in mine, but specially for Lynn, who enjoys decorating her daugther’s classroom.
It is easy to make- just trace your image, cut each color, and glue it together. I used my KNK Groove-E; V=150 F=25.







The letters on the Crayons were made with vinyl. To cut the vinyl I used my TERRIFIC KNK Groove E.

For the girl’s eyes, I traced them, but instead of cutting, I used my KNK to pounce them (dashed line cut) so I could then use a marker to outline and color them in. For shading on the outer edges and interior detail, I used a marker of the same color as the fun foam, but darker. Then I also used a black marker on the very edges of the cuts, as well.