Oh what fun…

This plaque was so easy to make and such fun. I got the idea from another site and found out that the metal half trucks could be purchased from Hobby Lobby. They have saw tooth picture hangers on the back making it easy to attach them to the wood.

I had a piece of wood that was 12×18 and it was stained barn wood gray. Living in Wisconsin I like to go into the winter months with a bunch of wood pre stained and ready to go. I hate the smell of stain indoors. I then just typed the words, I think I used Magnolia sky for the font. I welded the words and then resized them accordingly. I cut them from vinyl using my 15″ KNK Maxx. Then I simply applied them to the wood using clear transfer tape. I put 2 screws into the wood to hold the truck and it was good to go. So cute, so simple!






clear transfer tape


15″ Maxx

red capped blade

Speed 400

Force 34

Christmas Tree-t Box

At the shop we are getting ready for people to make their Christmas projects.  In fact we have sold out of several bolts of Christmas themed fabrics already.  To help people make some projects and to give them the tools to work with we are having an event next week where they will be making several items.  As a thank you for participating in the event, the coordinator asked me to make something in which she could put some small gifts for each person.  I remembered a Christmas tree shaped box that would be perfect for this purpose.

Materials Used:

Cardstock – Green and Dark Brown

Double Sided Scrapbooking Tape 1/8″ wide

Clear plastic sheets

Scrapbook glue


Machine used:  KNK Force, Red cap standard material blade, 2 passes, Starting Depth – 35, Ending Depth – 45, Cutting Speed – 40, Blade offset – Red Blade, Blade Tension – 1.75

Additional Information:

When I made the sample box, I was not happy with how the trunk of the tree turned out.  The tree and trunk were joined together and the trunk just was too cumbersome and wouldn’t cooperate and stay together.  Since the opening flap of the box is the bottom of the tree it was going to cause problems when people were opening and closing the box.  I decided to make the trunk a separate piece and to glue it to the bottom flap.  That also gave me an opportunity to make the trunk a different color which I think looks better than having the whole box one color.

Here is a picture of the unassembled parts:

No, those are not chocolates on the right side of the picture.  They are the little boxes which are the trunks of the trees.  There is an unassembled one at the top right.  When the box is assembled, the flaps are at the top (open edge) of the box and are inserted into a slot in the fold on each side of the bottom flap.  The flaps are then attached to the adjacent box parts with double sided tape.  The small round holes near the peak of the box are for attaching a ribbon for decoration.  The triangular pieces at the bottom right are the plastic which is the ‘window’ in the box.

Each side of the box measures about 5 1/2″ so it is big enough for a few sewing related goodies.  It could also hold an assortment of other types of treasures.  Maybe even chocolates.


Never to early

I have probably mentioned more than once, I love winter. It is a slower paced time of the year for me and I am able to find time to do some of the things that I love. I always try to start my Christmas cards early so that I am not trying to fit them in at the busiest time of the year.

This is one of the cards I decided to make, so simple! I tried it with both paper and vinyl and while both cut fine gluing the paper wasn’t fun so vinyl won hands down. Here is the file which is sized for an A6 card. deer in birch trees 2017  deer in birch svg




Clear transfer tape



Red capped blade

Speed 300

Force 33

Here is a picture taken out our window. We have a couple of crab apple trees. They hold their little apples and they drop all winter. The deer come and dig through the snow for them.

Check Out My Etchings

A few years ago my friend made me an etched glass coaster that was personalized with my initial.  It is a square heavy glass candle base that has a recessed circular area for the candle – or in my case for the glass.  I use it every day and it is a treasured reminder of my friend and our friendship.  When I was thinking about what to give to my co-workers for Christmas gifts, I decided to make similar etched coasters for them.  This is a picture of my etched coaster.


Materials Used:

Oracal 631 Vinyl

Standard Material Red Cap Blade

Armour Etch glass etching cream

Painters Tape

plastic trash bags

Heavy square glass candle bases from Michael’s


Machine used:  KNK Force, Blade: Standard Material Red Cap, Blade Tension: 1, Passes: 1, Cutting Depth: 18, Cutting Speed: 15


My friend was generous enough to share her cutting files with me so I was able to use them and didn’t have to start from scratch to come up with a design for the border and the little flower beside the initial.

Because I needed to make 12 of these coasters, I previewed several script fonts to find one that I liked all of the letters I was going to use.  In the end I picked one that I liked most of the letters and then ‘adjusted’ the other letters to my liking.

I wanted the vinyl mask I cut to fit the shape of the coaster as closely as possible so I measured and drew and tweaked an outline around the border design until it was as close as I could get it.  To test the fit of the mask, I used the test pen to draw my various versions on paper and could place the coaster on top of the drawing to check the fit.


The vinyl masks for the center initial and the small flower were cut separately and then put on the coaster.  After all of the pieces were in place, the remaining glass was covered with painters tape and pieces of plastic trash bags so the glass was completely covered top and bottom.

Optimized-Ready to etch

The etching cream was applied with a small plastic spatula to two or three of the coasters at a time and allowed to sit for about 30 minutes before being scraped off.


The coasters were then washed under running water and the mask and tape and plastic removed under the running water.  Here are the completed coasters.  Yes, we have a few other people whose names begin with “J” besides me. Optimized-Finished When I weeded the masks for the initials, I saved the vinyl initials and used them to make tags for the coasters.  I sewed gift bags out of Christmas fabric, wrapped the coasters in bubble wrap, placed them in the bags, and pinned the tags onto the bags.


The coasters were a hit plus it was a good ‘advertisement’ since the store where I work is now selling the Zing – soon the Zing Orbit – and we will be teaching people how to cut fabric for appliques with them as well as all the other fun things we can cut and make.

Down to the wire

Sorry this is late! There is one last week to get things done before Christmas. I am close to being done, mainly because I have downsized significantly.:~)

I wanted to share some fun things that I have made recently. So much has changed in the 10 years that KNK has been on the market. Starting out there were few files to be found, now there are thousands. The best thing is that you can find free or very reasonable files every where and it is extremely easy to create your own.

img_5436-min img_5425-min

img_5340-min img_5409-min Aren’t these fun? The first is an ornament that I purchased, added glitter to the inside and then applied vinyl lettering to the outside. It is a flat ornament but has a bit of a curve so it is always helpful to apply the center part of the vinyl first and work your way out. Here is the file he-sees-you-when-your-drinking-team-knk-knk

The second is a purchased file for the truck and tree and the rest was fonts. It is amazing how many fonts are out there free that have flourishes, sayings, logos, etc.

The third is an image I saw on line and developed a file so that I could cut it from vinyl. Here is the file for the window image. In the file, it is sized for a glass block, I also made it into a card. deer-with-tree-and-cardinal-card-team-knk

And the last is a purchased file, I think the company was called APEX. Some files are just worth buying and this was one of them.


plastic flat ornament

pine board

vintage window

mdf board


paper transfer tape for window



red capped blade

Speed 500

Force 36

I have found that using the wet method of applying vinyl to glass is a wonderful thing. Just google it and there are videos to show you how. Just make sure that you use the paper transfer tape.

Searching for something for this post an old post of Judy’s popped up , check it out here.  It pays to go back through old posts to see what you may have missed.

Merry Christmas and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store.