My office was in need of some Halloween spirit (See what I did there?). Since I have to constantly stare at my computer all day, I figure that would be the best place to add some decoration.

So I sketched up some creepy zombie arms

Next, I created some much-needed text to go along with my decoration:

I cut the pattern out of cardstock and chipboard, and glued them together, to make my design more rigid.

Finally, I applied the cut pieces to my computer, using a little double-sided adhesive.

Spooky, eh? I know I get scared every time I look at my computer! 😛

Want to cut your own Zombie arms? Here’s the file in both MTC and EPS format.




Materials used:


Magnetic Lawncare Signs

A good friend of mine owns a lawn care company, and wanted to advertise on his vehicle. Unfortunately, his HOA doesn’t allow vehicle advertising. So I suggested we make him some removable magnetic signs!

I  created the design in Make-The-Cut and cut the design out of Forest Green Decal vinyl on the KNK Zing. I used our 12″ x 24″ pre-cut magnetic sheets, and sliced it down the middle. Each side is only 6″ high x 22″ wide, so I was able to get 2 signs for the side and one big sign (12″ x 24″) for his tailgate.

As some folks might know, I come from a family of Sign makers. The Zing is the perfect cutter companion for making small signs like this, or for any sign guy who needs a system “on the go”.

RevitaliZing a mailbox with vinyl (and a few fun tricks!)

A few days ago, I went to check the mail and noticed how horrible the numbers on our mailbox were. Time for a little spruce up!


There are so many cool tricks you can do with vinyl.  Today, I’ll show you how to add a little “texture” to your vinyl.

I started with some of our outdoor decal vinyl, (Like our table cloth? Pretty fancy, eh??)

Next, I crumpled it up, creating lots of fold lines. Then, I flattened it back out.

TIP: You don’t have to ball it up as much as I did. I’d recommend playing around with this, to find what suits you best.

After loosely flattening my vinyl, I brought it out to the backyard and gave it a light coat of black spray paint. When doing this, you want to spray from 2 – 3 feet away, and at an angle. It’s important that you only spray from one side. Otherwise, it will ruin the effect. Also, you don’t need much! We’re not looking for a solid coat of paint. Just enough to make a variation of color.

TIP: Krylon is my spray paint of choice. Other brands might work, but I find Krylon never fails! Also, don’t be afraid to play around with different colors! I used a dark color on a lighter vinyl. It works using lighter paint on darker vinyl, just as well. You can even create a neat marble or granite appearance. 

Here’s a closeup of the finished paint job:

Next, I applied my vinyl to a 12″x12″ cutting mat. You’ll want to use a brayer or squeegee to get the vinyl as flat as possible. I used a squeegee, but a brayer might work better, because it wont scratch the paint.

TIP: When cutting crumpled up vinyl in your cutter, I recommend slowing the machine down and doing 2 passes. This is because the vinyl will have some uneven spots, which may cause the cutter to “skip” over a few places. Due to the amount of crumpling I applied to my vinyl, I ended up having to touch up a few spots, with an Exacto knife.

I included an additional border of grey vinyl, to add a little contrast between the red vinyl on my black mailbox. I find the easiest way to create a border, is to lay a completely solid bottom layer. I created my design in Make The Cut, using the shadow tool.

TIP: If you need to create a patch, like I have, use your cutting mat to hold the bottom layer of vinyl. It will stabilize the vinyl and make the entire process a bazillion times easier!

Lastly, I applied my painted red vinyl on top of the grey border. I used a paper transfer tape, but we also have a clear plastic transfer tape, if you want a clear view of what you’re applying your vinyl to.

The finished product:

And we’re back! (almost)

Hi everyone!

TeamKNK’s database has FINALLY been restored. No easy task, (lemme tell you!). There are, however, a few issues — As I’m sure you can see, the images from past posts are missing. We will do everything we can to fix this issue, but bear with us. Its a whole boatload of work.

Stay tuned for new posts!!

Two Winners of Zing Travel Bags!

Congratulations to Brigit Mann and Laury Vaden for their AmaZing entries in our “Modify an MTC Design Contest!” We were very impressed with how both entries utilized an unusual selection of existing shapes plus a range of MTC features to create unique and adorable designs. It was impossible to pick one over the other so we decided to have two winners! Their tutorials will be featured in the designing chapter of the Zing/MTC User Manual, available on line soon.
Thank you to everyone who participated!