Apocalypse Father’s Day Card

With Father’s day right around the corner, I decided to make my dad a card this year. Considering the amount of “zombie” stories in the news, I feel it’s only necessary I provide the old man with a Zombie Apocalypse survival kit! (Really just a gift card to Harbor Freight).

For the outside of this card, I wanted to imitate one of those MRE type sardine cans. I laminated a piece of chipboard with some silver decal vinyl. Then, I cut the dad in gasmask / tie logo out of black wall vinyl, since it has a nice matte finish. This happens to match the green WorldWin cardstock, nicely. Next, I laminated some white WorldWin cardstock with the same silver vinyl I used on the chipboard.  This gave the outside a neat metallic appearance.

On the inside, I used a regular pen in my KNK Zing to write a little note. I’ll attach the giftcard below this 🙂

I designed my card in KNK Studio. I created the gas mask, collar and can opener using Node editing. The font for “DAD” is called Ideal_ie (comes with KNK Studio). I then copied and pasted my artwork over to Make The Cut and cut all my pieces out on the KNK Zing.


Apocalypse fathers day card in .KNK
Apocalypse fathers day card in .MTC