We have KNK’s, we can do anything!

When I first got my KNK my only goal was to be able to cut something…anything. I was so worried it would be to difficult for me to master. It wasn’t long before I could cut and I went crazy buying files. I was quite sure I would never be able to design something, it wasn’t even a goal. I was pleased as punch when I could weld letters together. When Shirley told me about grouping and ungrouping it opened a whole new world. :~) Little by little I began to discover all of the things this great machine and KNK Studio could do. Now, if I see something online that I like I know that “I can do that”. I recently saw an adorable flower card on pinterest and it linked back to a blog, and eventually to Split Coast Stampers. I was able to import the pdf file to KNK Studio and convert it into a cut file.I used my Cuttlebug and embossed the petals and the flower center. It is cute, but the inside of the card is tiny. It might be a great gift tag.

IMG_2258 IMG_2261 IMG_2262  Then I saw a silhouette of a “tea party”.  According to the site it was originally a cross stitch pattern. I imported it into KNK Studio, vectorized it, and cut it from vinyl.  Sure beats cross stitch. :~)  It is amazing how easy it is to find things to cut.

IMG_2263 I have attached the files in KNK format.

tea for two

folded flower card

Tiles and a Card!

When I was asked to be a member of the Team KNK design group I did mostly cards. Since then it seems like I am doing mostly tiles. But with both cards and tiles I have found that I LOVE vinyl!

I was asked to make a tile for a 60th wedding anniversary. It is the diamond anniversary and the color is diamond white. I used Oracal 651 because the white is glossy, shiny like a diamond.

Then, a customer of mine had a baby…I love babies! He had to stay in the hospital a bit due to oxygen levels but is doing fine now. I made this tile for him. The animals are from a My Scrap Chick file. I like paper piecing but vinyl piecing is so much easier. :O)

And last but not least, my second son, Matthew, graduated May 25th as an orthodontist. This is his third graduation since high school, first college, then dental school, now orthodontist. We are very proud of him. He will be a Navy orthodontist !

 Of course everything was cut using my KNK Maxx! It is amazing how much fun I have had with this machine.

Enjoy your day!

Easter Foolery

Happy Friday!

The Easter Bunny is on it’s way, and I have bunnies and Easter eggs galore being cut on my Zing!

Weeks ago, I purchased these bronze colored vinyl platters on sale at Michaels. Determined to get something done with them, I was inspired by a card I was trying to put together. I suddenly realized that the bunnies, eggs and trees would make a great center for the platter. All of the pieces were cut on my Zing in colored vinyl…easy peasy. I found the bunnies and eggs in the MTC library. The tree was downloaded from the net…can’t remember where, but can send you the file or post to the files if there is interest.

Though you might think the platter is finished, I really wish I had some words for the bottom. Everything I can think of is too wordy. Suggestions?

The second project was inspired by SusanBlueRobot’s post on sliceform cards. I wasn’t having much success with the Easter Card (mentioned above) and was trying to figure out how to get more dimension when her post came through my email. THANKS to Susan I finished crafting the card in time for this posting.


The townhouse came from the same place as the tree and again, even though I can’t remember where I got the file from, I do have it to upload if you like.


The teeny-tiny banner was made on my Zing using the Harrington font and a simple triangle from MTC and using the print and cut feature. And check out the bird soaring in the sky….a 1/2 inch bird, again, cut amaZINGly well on the Zing, also from the MTC library. The Easter basket was downloaded (once again) from the MTC library, printed on my printer and cut using PNC on the Zing.


I used Susan’s genius idea of using transparency film for the sliceform bases (so they don’t show) and also applied the film to the “grass” layers to add strength and a little gloss.



I plan to do some final tweaks before marketing them (need it to fit in a standard envelope, banner could use some more dimension, etc.) but I was pretty happy with the results.  Hope you enjoy them!


Susie Homemaker Cards

I just LOVE that I can create whatever I imagine with the KNK software. 

Thought I would continue the “Card Trend” that we are having here on the Team KNK site and share 3 of my “Susie Homemaker Cards” and FILES!  Hope you enjoy them! 😀

Telephone Card by Susan Mast

Download Telephone Card in KNK Format

Download Telephone Card in PDF Format

Sewing Machine Card by Susan Mast

Download Sewing Machine Card in KNK Format

Download Sewing Machine Card in PDF Format

Mixer Card by Susan Mast

Download Mixer Card in KNK Format

Download Mixer Card in PDF Format

Supply List (all supplies from Bazzill Basics Paper):
Patterned Paper:  NEW Divinely Sweet Collection
Cardstock:  Coconut Swirl, Candy Apple, Baby Blue Medium, Baby Pink Light, Artesian Pool and Platinum
Ribbons:  White Sheer Dot, Red Sheer Dot and White Rick Rack
3mm Jewels:  Clear, Chablis and Artesian Pool