Slowly, slowly, slowly, I am learning how to use my KNK Force.  It is an awesome machine!!  Like Nancy said recently, it is very quiet.  Yesterday I used it to cut some files I had purchased from My Scrap Chick.  The file I used is from the set named Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy.  Three cute chicks.  I used Goodness to make a birthday card.  I like the play on words. Optimized-Front Settings:  (keep in mind that I am very new to the Force and although these settings worked for me, they might not be the ideal settings)

Machine:  KNK Force

Blade: Red Cap Standard Material

Blade Tension:  2 for cardstock, 1 for scrapbook paper

Passes: 2

Starting Depth/Ending Depth: 60 for cardstock, 40 for scrapbook paper

Cutting Speed:  30

Blade Offset:  0.25

Overcut:  45

The files from My Scrap Chick are very well done.  I used the SVG files, taking them into Make The Cut and exporting them as separate files according to the color/paper I was going to use for those particular pieces.  When I had assembled Goodness, I scanned her and then used her ‘photo’ on the inside of the card.  I found a background I liked on the Internet to use for the front of the card.


This was a fun card to make and I intend to use Shirley and Mercy to make cards also.


Pleather: Why didn’t I try this sooner?

Cutting pleather (synthetic leather) on KNK digital cutting systems is a dream! I cannot believe I didn’t try it sooner! I bought this pleather at JoAnn Fabrics with some project in mind, but never got around to using it. I TOTALLY REGRET not trying this before!!! It cuts like butter, and turns out beautifully. For this project I made a simple card, but I have plans….oh, do I have plans!!!

20160109_192004 (809x1024)

Dove: approximately 2″ x 2.5″


20160109_210550 (1024x824)

Settings (Maxx Air):


  1. Apply pleather to a very sticky mat. Use a brayer to ensure good contact.
  2. Cut pleather using the fabric blade. Set aside.
  3. Apply the watercolor paper to a lightly sticky mat. Cut the watercolor paper using a standard blade. Embellish if desired – I used silver ink splash on the piece with the dove.
  4. Apply the WorldWin ColorMates cardstock to a lightly sticky mat.
  5. Emboss the fold line with the embossing tool.
  6. Cut WorldWin ColorMates cardstock using the standard blade.
  7. Apply the pleather to the front of the card using a strong double sided adhesive and the watercolor paper to the inside of the card with scrapbooking tape.
  8. Embellish as desired.

20160109_210531 (752x1024)

I have so many ideas for pleather on chalkboard-painted or chalkboard vinyl covered projects! Too cool!

A fun card to make

I love making cards, and I make them by the dozen. Besides making them for my mom, sisters, and the “swim club” ( a group of elderly women who swim at the same time my kids swim), I have a big family and need a ton just for my self. My mom and dad had 8 kids, who had 17 kids, who had 19 kids and counting…so I send out cards weekly. :O)

This card was made for a special friend, Colleen, who I meet through the KNK group. When I make a card I find it just as easy to make a dozen at once. IMG_4639 IMG_4640 IMG_4641 Materials


  • 15 KNK MAXX
  • red capped blade


  • 46 for vinyl
  • 90 for paper
  • speed 400

The card base is paper, as is the black background for Hello Kitty. Everything else is vinyl. Using the clear transfer tape makes it simple to line everything up. It was fun and easy to make.  Here is the file hello kitty with star balloons  It was sized for an A6 card.

Happy 2016

I am always so happy for the Holidays to be over. It seems like they consume my life for several months and I have no time for anything but getting ready for the Holidays. So once they are over my winter months are devoted to getting my house straightened out and spending time with my Klic N Kut. It is my favorite time of the year. :~) IMG_4620

I love Minions. I wanted to make a card with a Minion and did a search for a Minion coloring page. I found this cute little guy and using my KNK Studio did a trace. The easiest way to replicate it for me was vinyl. There are a lot of tiny pieces in the suit and gluing them on piece by piece would be a mess.

And, I wanted a message inside the card.

IMG_4621 Materials

White cardstock

Black solid core Coredinations paper


transfer tape

Black Crayola marker


KNK Maxx 15″

red capped blade


  • Paper 90
  • vinyl 46
  • marker 46

Speed 500

I cut the black paper for the base of the Minion. I then lowered the force to 46 and cut the vinyl. Because the gray part has so many little pieces I used the reverse weed method. To do this you cut out your vinyl and I always include a weed box around the design. You then cover the entire cut area with transfer tape. Make sure that you rub the tape so that the tape has a firm grip on the vinyl. Peel of the entire vinyl section using the tape, flip over, and start weeding any vinyl that you do not want to appear on the card. Once weeded apply it to the minion paper body.

I then inserted a childs Crayola Washable Marker into the tool holder and changed the settings from drag knife to pen. You find this under CUT/PLOTTING DEFAULT. Make sure you click apply when you have selected pen. It also helps to change it back to drag knife when you are done or you will wonder what you did to screw up your machine. :~)

It is fun to experiment to see what types of pens and markers fit into the tool holder and write nicely. The font I chose was Hello Ellie. I chose it because it was a very thin font.

Here is the file if you would like to make your own card. minion in suit


It’s in the mail! Free Christmas Card file.

I’ve always altered/embellished a purchased card or made my own greeting cards from scratch. I love that my KNK die cutting machines allow me to explore and create in entirely new ways. They also significantly speed up the process!

I like clean and simple, and this card style adapted from a Pin fits my requirements perfectly. It uses our machines’ ability to write, emboss, and cut in a three step file.
20151129_185349 (1024x585)

I used a simple rounded rectangle for the reverse side of the card front. In some of the cards, it is simply card stock that shows through the ornament shape, but in others I used Christmas fabrics and then covered them with the rounded rectangle.

20151129_185436 (1024x688)


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • Writing (Pilot G-2 0.7 Gel Pen)
    • f = 30
    • v = 200
    • p = 2
    • offset = 0
  • Embossing (WorldWin CutMates)
    • f = 150
    • v = 300
    • p = 3
    • offset = 0
  • Cutting (WorldWin CutMates)
    • f = 50
    • v = 300
    • p = 1
    • offset = 0.35 (old blade) or 0.25 (new blade)


  1. Open the Christmas Ornaments Cards/Tags file.
  2. Hide the emboss and cut layers. Insert the gel pen into the Pen Tool, then into the KNK.
  3. Send the “Write” layer to the machine using the appropriate settings.
  4. Exchange the Embossing Tool for the Pen Tool. Unhide the “Emboss” layer, hide the “Write” layer.
  5. Send the “Emboss” layer to the machine using the appropriate settings.   20151129_180516 (1024x549)
  6. Exchange the Blade Holder for the Embossing Tool. Hide the “Emboss” layer and unhide the “Cut” layer.
  7. Send the “Cut” layer to the machine using the appropriate settings.   20151129_180714 (1024x871)
  8. Adhere the fabric and/or card stock to the back of the card front, covering the ornament cut-out shape.
  9. Fold at the embossed fold line. Press with a bone folder.

20151129_185839 (741x1024) Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas (a little early)!