Better late than never…

Sorry about posting so late in the day, but this is late in more ways than one. Over a year ago I converted a drawing into a cutting file and made an adorable owl treat box. I was already to post and do you think I could find the cutting file anywhere? So, I finally recreated the file, remade the owl to make sure it worked, and here she is. And here is her file owl box.knk



Double sided glue tape




Red capped blade

Force 90 cardstock

36 vinyl

Speed 450

She was very easy to make. I used cardstock for everything but the black part of her eyes which is vinyl. I like to use the double sided tape for boxes like this because it seems to have a stronger hold.


The joys of card making

A friend of mine heads up a non profit foundation in our state. The group likes to send out thank you cards to the donors a couple of times a year and she has asked me to make them. Because it is non profit I am willing to make them, generally I only make cards for myself, friends and family.

Because she wanted 225 cards in a few weeks she agreed to keep the design simple. I sent her several designs but apparently her group had a “pintrest” idea in their heads and that is what they wanted. OMG…it could barely get worse…225 cards, 5400 pieces.   img_5344-min img_5345-min img_5351-min img_5354-min img_5355-min They loved the finished product.

img_5361-min img_5362 I am surprised I didn’t have nightmares ,it took me about 20 hours to complete the 225 cards.   :~(      Parts of this were a purchased file or I would share…stay tune next week and I will have files to share.



Cardstock for card base

clear transfer tape



red capped blade Force 36

Speed 550




Photo props

I know, I’m late to the game. And these were made for New Year’s. But I think they could easily be adapted for Valentine’s, Easter, birthdays and other holidays.



oops. I sort of goofed that picture. I took it with my cell phone. Sorry. IMG_0892

These are easy to make:




KNK Zing

skewer sticks (?? I don’t know what they’re called. I got them at the grocery store, you use them to make kebobs).

Hot Glue



1. I just did a search for photo props and I found a ton of printable free ones. I traced them into MTC.

2. Cut the shape out in chipboard first. I forgot to write down my settings, but I did two passes and they cut out cleanly. I was using thin chipboard so I just kept my red blade in and it did fine.

3. Cut the shape out again in decorative card stock. I used those DCWV 12×12 paper pads and found some of the more glittery, shiny pieces to use. My settings for that were 10/10 and 125, with one pass.

4. Glue the decorative card stock onto the chipboard. I piled about 3 of my son’s junior high text books on top of each one so it would dry flat.

5. Hot glue the skewer sticks on the back. Notice that the sticks are sideways and not straight. It makes it easier to hold them for pictures.

6. Glitter it up. It made everything shiny, but messy 🙂

7. Set up a back drop of some sort (I just use a huge piece of white upholstery vinyl I bought at Joann’s many years ago.) I hang it up on a curtain rod when I want to use it.

8. Take pictures and have fun.








Minnie’s Gift Box


Box, KNK, Minnie

In my last post I said that I would tell you how I made this Minnie’s Box using the Card Stock from Since the first time that I used the Worldwin CutMates cardstock, I fell in love. This cardstock cut really nice and smooth with clean edges in just one pass. Attached are the Free Files so you can use the Awesome CutMates cardstock from and give it a try.

Materials Used:


  • KNK Groove-e
  • Blue Blade
  • Force = 20
  • Speed = 150


    • I traced Minnie’s head from a keychain picture (The same used for the decoration)
    • Cut all the pieces using the respective colors to form her head and face (you can make her face just for the front of your box)
    • Glue it together
    • Form the box that is in the attached file and glue Minnie’s head to the front (and back, if using two Minnie heads) of your box.
    • To make the box that you see in the picture, take the Box Base that is included in the Free File and glue it to the Minnie head for both the front and the back. After that, take the “Base Stand” and glue together the two ends and then glue it in the middle. Next, make two triangles on each side and glue them together. After that, glue the Box on top of the stand so the box stays up. Finally, glue the handle and make a bow with the tissue paper to decorate Minnie’s head.

I hope you enjoy the files. Happy Cutting!!!

Free Files