{Teacher Appreciation Day Shape Cards

Everyday should be Teacher Appreciation Day. Of course, I say that ’cause I’m a teacher. It’s nice to get spoiled and appreciated for a day.

My son is in 4th grade and he has had a great year with his teacher. She LOVES the color purple and her last name begins with A. So after much noodling (and surfing Pinterest forEVER), I came up with these:

(edit: I just reshot the pictures. I hated them and wanted to redo them)


This is an alphabet set from Lettering Delights that I believe is free this month.

I did a pixel trace on the letters and broke apart all the pieces. I made a shadow layer and turned it into a card.


I love using the foam tape to give the cards some dimension. I’m terrible with glue, which I’ve told you before, so excuse the glue mess.

I cut these using the Zing and I couldn’t figure out why I was getting little hanging chads (heh, heh, heh, I made a Chad pun). Finally I realized my offset was set to 0 so the cuts weren’t coming together. I didn’t feel like redoing them (and I was running out of purple paper) so I just used my exact-o knife to fix the little areas that were bad. I felt so stupid when I caught my mistake. But I keep it real here at TeamKNK so you get me faults and all.

I decided the cards weren’t enough (I made 10) so I decided to make a holder for them. I’m sure someone has one of these made or is selling one, but I drew it in Make the Cut:


I really would have liked to use a pretty pattern paper for the folder, but I didn’t have any double-sided purple patterned paper in my million and one drawers of paper so I went with plain card stock.┬áKeeping with the purple theme, I added the little frame and flower from Lettering Delights files.

Here’s the inside:


Oops. The corners are coming up a bit. I didn’t notice that when I took the pictures. Easy fix.


I took this from the side, so you could see the pocket comes out about a half inch and I was able to slip in 5 cards and envelopes on each side. I also thought it might be cute to put a pen at the bottom. It would be easy to add a little strip to hold the pen.

If you like this, I will send the file (minus the Lettering Delights stuff) to Sandy and have her add it to this post. I’m sure you can decorate it way better than I did.

Here is the link to the download the card folder file in MTC, PDF, and KNK formats:

Card Envelope file by Deb M