Pay it forward

I have been fortunate. I can’t even tell you when I first bought my KNK. I know it has been well over 10 years ago. When our youngest son joined our family 32 years I had to quit my job and stay home to care for him because he had significant health issues. So our family of 7 learned to live on one income.
I saved for a long time to be able to purchase my first KNK. When I first starting making plaques with my KNK every roll of vinyl was a major purchase. But every penny I made went back into materials, and now I have an over abundance. I decided to pay it forward.

The county that I live in has a Relay for Life, a walk to benefit cancer research. My second son was diagnosed with stage 3 malignant melanoma 6 years ago. The treatment he had nearly killed him, but he survived! And the list of friends and family members who have battled cancer is unfortunately too long to list. So I decided this year to make plaques for our local relay and have them sell them at the relay and have the money go toward cancer research. I have spent about 1 month, on and off making over 60 signs. Here are some of them.

The designs are both purchased and my own designs. I hope that each and everyone of you who are fortunate enough to have their own KNK pay it forward in some way. Make a plaque for a benefit, send a card to a friend. It doesn’t have to be 60 plaques, just something to brighten someone’s day.





clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Speed 500

Force 36

Worse than the F word…

is the C word, cancer. I think every single person has been touched by cancer, it is a very scary thing. Our town will be hosting a Relay for Life at the end of the month and I decided to make something and do an online auction with all money earned going to Relay for Life. With vintage windows being all the rage and the fact that I have lots of them, it seemed like the perfect choice. Shelia Irish posted a similar file on another site to share with it’s members. She saw it on another site, and so it goes. Anyhow, it was for one of those machines that use a specific type of file…don’t you hate that?  But I was able to design it in KNK Studio and use it for my window.

IMG_3829 Then I decided I wanted to make some on plaques and made this

IMG_3830 You can change the color of the ribbon, pink is for breast cancer.

I will share the file but hope that if you make it, you share at least one with someone with cancer.  I ask that, as with any file posted on this page,  you do not share the file or sell the file.   Team KNK choose hope


KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Force 42

Speed 350



Wood plaque