Same Design, Same Tank Tops, Two Different Applications


Hi, I’m Gabriella Lex and I work with Sandy McCauley, testing new materials on the KNK models and helping Sandy with her business.

In support of breast cancer awareness, I decided to bling some shirts using the word “hope.” Because I like to use both rhinestones and iron-on glitter, I thought I would try using the same design with both applications. Sandy really liked the two desigs and suggested that this would make a great blog post for Team KNK.

Materials and Tools:

Make The Cut software
Red Blade
Rock-It Rhinestone Flock
Crystal and Rose SS10 Rhinestones
Silver and Pink Glitter Flex Ultra
Shurline Trim and Touchup Pad
Rhinestone Transfer Tape
– 2 black tank tops
Heat Press or home iron


Step 1 Design both patterns. I used Make The Cut. You can download my two designs from here.

Step 2 Mirror the iron-on design and cut from the Glitter Flex Ultra. The settings I used on the KNK Zing were Speed 9/10, Force 38, 1 Pass, Offset 0.35.

Step 3 Weed the waste from the Glitter Flex Ultra. Then flip over, align on tank top, press for 17 seconds with home iron set to hot or heat press set to 165C (330F). Cool for a bit and peel off clear heat shield layer.

Step 4 Cut the rhinestone design from Rock-it using the KNK Zing. The settings I used were Speed: 10/10, Force 95, 1 Pass, Offset 0.35.

Step 5 Brush rhinestones into pattern using a Shurline Trim and Touchup pad. Mask off the ribbon design and brush the crystal colored stones into the lettering holes. Remove masking tape and brush the rose colored stones into the holes for the ribbon.

Step 6 Using rhinestone transfer tape, lift the rhinestones, center on the front of the tank and press for 15 seconds. Allow to cool and peel off transfer tape.

If you have any questions about glitter vinyl or rhinestone applications, please post in the Comments section below. Thanks for checking out my post on Team KNK!