Valentine’s Day Shaped Tags

DDVDTags How would I ever teach paper crafting classes without my trusty Klic N Kut?  These sweet little Valentine tags were created as a bonus for a Star Mini Book that my teaching partner (Jamie Andersen) and I have coming up next Tuesday.  Three little tags that will pop over the top of our book and it give it that unique handcrafted feel.  I feel that a little bit of myself goes into each and every project because I created something that is not mass-produced.

Our class project features papers from the Devoted Paper Collection by Carta Bella and my shapes were inspired by this pretty paper line.

Learn how I made the “14” tag by reviewing my Team KNK Imagination post dated September 28, 2012.

The “XO” tag was simple enough.  I wanted to have those cool little points on my letters, but didn’t want to purchase a new font.  I used the shape tool to create a triangle, duplicated this triangle 4 times and then lined up the triangles and welded them to the center of my X and O.  I finished up my design by using the contour object feature to create the shape outline.

The cupid was more difficult and I created it node by node.  I really need to learn how to auto trace…but I am amazingly quick at just starting with points, converting to poly-arc and curving lines.  I usually import a clip art shape into my screen to use for scale and then I tweak the shape to suit my needs.

I keep my 15″ KNK Maxx settings at Overcut 15 & Trailing Blade 20 because I only use my machine to cut paper.

Visit my blog to see the Star Book Project that these tags coordinate with and view other things that I created with my Klic N Kut at susan mast designs.

Thank you Jamie Andersen for using your creative talents to embellish these tags!

Supply List:

  • Bazzill Phoenix Cardstock 2-245
  • Bazzill Walnut Cream Cardstock 8-816
  • Bazzill Clear Jewels 303333
  • Bazzill Silver Glitter Tape
  • Ribbons and Buttons from designer’s stash




Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’; And then do it.
Duane Michals


With my Klic-N-Kut I’m only limited by imagination.

Exterior of card by Susan Mast

For the exterior of this A2 card I used a subtle piece of printed paper trimmed to 4.25 x 5.5″ and then added the October 31 die cut I created. I typed my my letters and numbers and created a box around them.  Next I made a path with the letters and the box.  Then I added an outline of the box and used the Ginsu Knife tool with to cut away any excess parts of the letters or numbers so that my shape would cut as just one singe unit. There is probably an easier way to do all this…but this method is how I’ve always done it and it takes me no time to complete these steps.

Interior of card by Susan Mast

For the interior of the card I added more printed paper and made a simple square pop-up.  That is, I made a little square from a 1 x 4.5″  strip of cardstock by scoring it on 4 sides short sides at 1/2″.  Then I glued 2 sides of the square to the card and one side of the square to the back of the pumpkin.  I created a sick pumpkin using 3 ellipses (2 are welded) and the third one just lays on top.  I made Jack’s face by cutting through both pieces of pumpkin head and then made a black background.  I was able to make the entire Jack-o-lantern using just the basic shapes tools with the exception of using the node edit tool to help create the jagged edge stem.

I keep my 15″ KNK Maxx settings at Overcut 15 & Trailing Blade 20 because I only use my machine to cut paper.

See other projects I’ve created with my KNK on the KNK Gallery on my website at susan mast designs

Supply List:

  • Bazzill All Hallows Eve 6×6 multi-pack [304317]
  • Bazzill Cardstocks:  Blackberry Swirl [10-1041], Sugar Cream [19-10595], Stonehenge [9-939] and Papaya Puree Dark [19-3141]
  • Ranger Glossy Accents [GAC17042]
  • Font Used:  MC Stratford
  • Other Items from designer’s personal stash:  Orange thread, orange micro-beads and black waxy flax.

The Pause

A great feature when designing 12×12 Scrapbook Layouts with your Klic-N-Kut is that you can use the sign blank to help you size the die cuts that you create for your pages.

Allow me to explain:

  • My page was designed to feature a 4×6 and a 3×3.5 photo.
  • The first thing I did was create rectangles to represent where I wanted them placed on my layout.
  • I wanted to add a splash of the aqua from a second printed paper and opted to create a scalloped ring.  So easy to do in the KNK software by creating a large circle and a small circle, selecting both objects and then using the TRANSFORM > FIT TO PATH feature.  It took a few trials of deciding how many circles I needed and my cute shape was completed in less than a minute.  Next I used the TRANSFORM > CONTOUR OBJECT feature to transform my scalloped circle into a scalloped ring.
  • Using the same method I created a scalloped photo mat with a rectangle and circle.
  • Chevrons are all the rage!  So why not add some to my page.  I created three 11x.5 rectangles, added nodes at every inch, shift-selected every other one and moved them up to create the angles!
  • I created 5-petal flowers using the Shape Tool Star and rounded the points to a curve I found pleasing.  Next I used the TRANSFORM > CONTOUR OBJECT feature to create a shadow effect.  I cut the flowers in 3 sizes and flipped over the flower portion (I used double-sided printed paper) and pinched the petals to add dimension.
  • The last thing I used the cutter for was to die cut my page title, “The pause is as important as the note.”  I selected my font and opted to replace the “t” in note with an actual note.  Took me just a moment to create in the KNK software using the graphic edit tool (both node and arc edit).  I welded some of my title together and left some of the words free floating…why?  Because that’s how I liked them. 

I keep my 15″ KNK Maxx settings at Overcut 15 & Trailing Blade 20 because I only use my machine to cut paper.

By Susan Mast for Team KNK

See other projects I’ve created with my KNK on the KNK Gallery on my website at susan mast designs

Supply List (supplies donated by Bazzill Basics Paper):

Kraft Cardstock [t9-960], Frosted Teal Cardstock [t19-7558] Garden Trellis/Ledger Pink Paper [304195], Market Dots/Stitches Paper [304191], Pretty Buttons [304074] [304079] [303741], Paper Flowers [304184] [304069] [303833] [303951], Jewels [303865] [303333]






Christmas in July


For this project I combined my favorite mediums, paper and fabric! I needed to create a card with a fabric element, that I could introduce with ease into a card making class. The best way for me to accomplish this was with a cut out card where the fabric would show through.  My challenges were working with 12×12 cardstock and providing coverage to the backside of the fabric.

My first step was creating three 4×5″ rectangles in KNK Studio. I set them up side by side (with the sides touching). Next I rounded the corners of all the rectangles. The purpose of the rounded corners is to assist me in easily identifying to my students where they needed to make their score-lines. I realised that I needed the right rectangle with a smaller width for so the card would fold easily. I used the ginsu knife tool to shorten the right side and change it to a straight edge. Next I created a large rectangle to overlap all three rectangles for the purpose for welding them into one shape.

I decided to use an angel and used the edit guidelines to assist me in placing my shape. After cutting, scoring and adding burlap to my card…it still looked a little plain. So I gave my sweet angel a message to share and embellished her with a pretty flower.

Supply List:
Bazzill Cardstock Brick [2-270] and Kraft [9-960]
Bazzill Twisted Flower [304039]
Burlap Fabric


Repeating visual elements such as line, color and shape will unify and create rhythm in your creations!

Creating repetition with a Klic-N-Kut is easy!

Visit the Klic-N-Kut Gallery Page on my website  (Susan Mast Designs) to view more projects I’ve created with my Klic-N-Kut Maxx.

All Supplies by Bazzill Basics Paper

  •  304269 12×12 NEW Basics Multipack Huckleberry Pie
  • 304303 6×6 NEW Basics Multipack Huckleberry Pie
  • 303792 Clear Self-Adhesive Jewels
  • 304124 24×12 White Cardstock
  • t10-1044 12×12 Coconut Swirl Cardstock

Photo:  Courtesy of Petrini Photography