The Barn

We are fortunate enough to live in the country but one thing was missing from our property…a barn. We live in Wisconsin and I have always had a love for barns. 2 years ago my husband decided to build a barn!!! It took him 2 years and one week to get it completed using almost every minute of his free time. It was so worth it. :O) The downstairs is his, complete with a bathroom, the upstairs is mine. He picked out the paint colors and unfortunately…or fortunately, my room looks like a giant Green Bay Packer Fan club room.


I have been waiting for the upstairs of the barn to get done because I had a file from My Vinyl Designer that I wanted to make into a clock. I bought the clock works last year so I would be ready. I decided to make it big, it is over 3 feet across. This meant using the ginsu knife because I have a 15″ KNK Maxx. To ensure all lines were straight across I used snap to grid and cut the file into 3 pieces. I used the array feature to make sure my registration marks lined up so I could make sure the 3 pieces line up properly. Because the walls are just painted particle board  I used outdoor vinyl to make sure it stuck. If we ever decide to take it down we will be doing it because we are painting so we didn’t have to worry about paint damage or damge to dry wall. I let my husband decide where to put the clock and he chose a spot on the top of the steps…yikes. It meant a ladder over the steps and I hate heights. But he was sweet enough to help me with the application, not all of it, but he got it started.

It is up, not perfect but as my husband always says “It’s a barn”. And it isn’t 100% because although I found the hands it may take a bit to hunt down the clock works. Because one wall upstairs is barn red I will probably paint the hands red, time will tell.