Halloween Treat Jars and pumpkins

Thought I’d share my Halloween project. Thought they turned out very cute. I used small Mason jars I already had, used Lettering Delights files and decorated the jars. Then I filled them with candy for some special people. The pumpkins were from last year. The files are from My Vinyl Designers Halloween collection. All images were cut from vinyl. Happy Halloween All!

3 Ghosts

My favorite thing to do with my KNK software is to scan and trace. The software makes it so easy! One of my first attempts was an acrylic stamp and since then I’m hooked!

For this month’s project, I took a simple stamp

and scanned in just the plastic piece with the black outline of the image to make my cutting files. And since I have to use files in multiple ways, I didn’t stop with the simple scrapbook page:

I also made it into a rhinestone design for a T-shirt:

and for a cute little Trick or Treat canvas bag using iron on vinyl:

Hope I’ve offered some inspiration for the upcoming holidays! If you’ve never tried the scan and trace wizard, why not start today?

All supplies were purchased from KNKUSA except the T-shirt, bag and background paper.

vinyl on desks and glass vases

This is a very simple project that I did for my friend Julie’s two sons. They can use them for doing homework, eating snacks, coloring, or many other things.

I bought desks in each boy’s favorite color and used outdoor vinyl so they can be washed off. Jacob is a dinosaur expert and loves anything dinosaur. So I put several dinosaurs on his desk.

Christopher loves to play with Legos and I found an SVG on the Internet that would cut using MTC software to my 24″ KNK. I did make several changes to the file, but I found I should have cut the “pegs” from a different color to make them show up better.

I’ve also added pictures of the glass vases I made for my state meeting this past weekend. Julie designed the music staff and treble clef for me and the shoes were traced in MTC from one of the silhouettes I bought from www.canstockphotos.com. I had to make 37 of them. All the vinyl I used I purchased from KNKUSA.com.

Auto-traced Fountain with rhinestones

My most favorite thing to do with my KNK Studio (and MTC) is to auto-trace. The image I used for this project I bought from www.canstockphoto.com, a photo site that has a lot of silhouettes. This one came from a page of garden things. It reminded me of a beautiful fountain I saw in Puerto Rico last year.
With Sandy’s help, I broke apart the image after tracing, so I had 3 different images: the fountain itself, the flamingo and the water. I used the “Segment Edit” to take out the parts I didn’t need in each image. For the fountain, I used the Ginsu knife to cut the imagine in half, copied the side I kept, reversed it and welded it together. For the flamingo, I edited it and then closed the path to make it whole.
For the water, I was able to delete the fountain and flamingo, so only the water was left. I then used the rhinestone feature to make my circles. It is important to make sure all images fit together before doing the rhinestone template. I ironed on the vinyl first, then added the rhinestones on top.

Since I always have to use a pattern in more than one project, I shrank the pattern, redid the rhinestone template and used it on black cardstock for a page in my cruise album with the pictures of the fountain:

Materials used:
black glitter iron on vinyl
pink glitter iron on vinyl
light aquamarine SS10 rhinestones
light blue SS10 rhinestones
black cardstock
gold wall vinyl
crystal SS10 rhinestones

Happy Birthday USA

In honor of America’s birthday (+ 1 day), my project is a glass block for my husband’s American Legion Home, using the title of my favorite patriotic song, God Bless The USA. I purchased the glass block, lights and the ribbon at Hobby Lobby.
The flag is a free font from www.dafont.com called USFlag. The letters are ZAPFCHLI. I used outdoor vinyl Medium Red, Dark Blue and Silver (purchased from www.KNKUSA.com). I frosted the block using Rustoleum Frosted Glass, which works well. Use vinyl transfer tape instead of painter’s tape as that will take the frosting off the glass.

I’m the type of person that can’t stop with one use of a design, so I designed a T-shirt, same font, but using the map of the USA. For this project, I used red glitter iron on transfer for the map and old silver iron on transfer for the words.. I made the words smaller to fit into the map. I cut the map first, pressed it on, then added the words and pressed again. I always use a teflon sheet to avoid scourching and for a smoother look (thanks Lynn K. for that tip). Be sure to measure the area you want to put your iron on BEFORE cutting.