License Plates (Posted by Barbie469)

Anyone remember those mirrored personalized license plates people put on the front of their cars back in the 60’s? I found a new use for them! Wall hangings. This would be a great idea for a kid’s dorm room wall, door, or depending on your message, tie several together for a guest room wall, bathroom, kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

I used 2 acrylic license plates I got from KNKUSA , one red and one silver (actually looks like a mirror). I used MacTac 8300 Pro Intermediate Outdoor Vinyl (in case I want to put it outside) for the lettering. For the NCSU plate, I used Passion Red, Matte Black and Glossy White, font was Varsity. I had to be careful when putting the layers of letters together since this vinyl is extremely sticky. It’s not perfect, but I was pleased with the results. The other plate is much like a mirror and I used Monogram KK font to do my monogram in Raspberry vinyl (again using the MacTac). You can tell from the picture that it really does act like a mirror. Maybe it would be perfect for a girls locker?

Several tips: The plates measure 11 7/8″ by 6″, so I cut my letters 5 1/2″ high. I used MTC to design the images. For the NCSU plate, I broke apart the letters and make each part a separate layer. This made it easier to cut in 3 colors and line them up when applying. Also, I used the clear¬†transfer tape so I could see exactly where I was applying each image.

Valentine’s Subway Art

Ever since I saw my first subway art, I’ve been hooked. These designs are from My Vinyl Designer. The two are from 2 different collections. ¬†The small Princess saying is from a different collection. I added heart shaped stones to the crown, which I copied from another MVD file. I did it as a gift for my niece, but it’s hard to read.
All the frames are floating frames, so the words look like they were attached to wall. Several things to look out for: Cheaper floating frames show the hanger through the words. Also, be sure you put the vinyl on in the right direction. I made that mistake twice.
i used pink glittery vinyl for the Valentines saying and red vinyl for the February saying. The Princess plaque was done in pink holographic and silver vinyl.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

I love tote bags and love to give…

I love tote bags and love to give them as gifts. I love using rhinestones for decorations, but vinyl is also easy.


For the NC State bag, I used a design I had done before and cut it from flocking material. I used Monogram KK font (free from daFont) for the letters, The State logo was from Varsity font. I get tote bags lots of places, but be sure they are canvas and don’t have plastic insides. That melts when you apply your monograms!

Getting ready for next Christmas Where did December…

Getting ready for next Christmas?
Where did December go? I was so busy making gifts that I didn’t get a chance to post. So consider this inspiration for next year! I bought all the “gifts” at Hobby Lobby back in August, so start collecting early! This was a simple metal plaque that I used for a Christmas decoration and a NCSU fan’s plaque. .
Inspired by a sign I saw while shopping, I thought about using the frame with 3 openings, scrapbook paper and vinyl to give inspiration to several friends! . Of course, this idea could be used for any saying, more or less openings, be creative! Great use of frames! I also found a wooden plaque with 3 pegs. So I did the saying “The Stockings Were Hung” from My Vinyl Designer. Then I put the children’s name on the pegs (one has 3 children, one only had 2). I added small stockings with toys for each child. . I did several other things, but don’t want to give everything away! Be on the look out for things that you can use for all kinds of gifts!

Vinyl + Charger Plates = Happy Holidays

Great minds think alike! My November projects were using charger plates. All of the designs came from the MTC software. I’m trying to learn as much about the software as I can and wondered about the “Gallery” button. If you haven’t used it, DO IT! There are some great images that come with the software. For the Thanksgiving ones, I used the turkey outline and the grapes. For the Christmas ones, I used the swirly tree, Christmas word tree and the Christmas candles. There are so many wonerful designs for us to use in the MTC software, I can’t wait to investigate more!