Wisconsin weather…

We have had some crazy weather here in Wisconsin. Last week Monday school was closed because of the amount of snow that we had that day. Schools are reluctant to close because by law the students are required to go a certain number of days and although “snow days” are built into the annual calendar you don’t want to exceed them. Wednesday and Thursday the Governor declared a State of Emergency as we had -50 wind chills. Everything closed, even mail delivery was cancelled. The following Monday we had freezing rain, all roads were glare ice. County trucks out salting the roads were sliding into each other. And this is when little Mayan decided to come into this world! Now I don’t know this family, but they live fairly close and this event was well covered by local media. Mason was delivered in the front seat of the car by his dad with his 3 older siblings in the back seat!

So, I decided to make them a few gifts. I reached out to baby Mayan’s mom, Pilar and got the info I needed. First I made the birth plaque…

Then I decided to make a family gift…

Then a couple of personalized onesies…

Mayan’s sister Anah is 4 so I made her this.

Mayan’s due date was yesterday, another day of no school due to freezing drizzle topped by 7″ of snow. I was fortunate to have all the supplies on hand and plenty of time as I wasn’t about to venture out!


Wood Canvas

Wood cabinet door


Dollar store Apron




15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade


Vinyl  36

HTV 50 multi cut 2

Speed 500

Tis the season for new babies!

In the last month I have had so many requests for baby plaques with the birth info. I often get asked to create something unique.






Paint Vinyl

Clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Speed 450

Force 36

This was an 11×14 piece of pine wood that I stained with an ebony stain. I then dry brushed over the top with a white acrylic paint until I was happy with the way it looked. I like to let my paint and stain dry a few days before applying vinyl. I then designed the file in KNK Studio, cut it, applied it with clear transfer tape and it is done!   I absolutely love making these. I love babies and feel a bit of a connection every time I make one.

Baby Onesie with ThermoFlex Plus

Photo of Baby Onesies with Pink and Gray Designs

We have a new addition coming to our family this April! Our daughter and her husband are expecting a baby girl. So of course, this momentous occasion has been an excuse a reason for more fun essential Zing projects.

Although I recently posted about a another heat transfer project, I just couldn’t resist showing you these cute baby onesies. They are really simple to create and make such darling gifts.

  • Materials:

  1. Onesies (I purchased a package of 4 at our local department store.)Photo of Gerber Brand Onesies
  2. ThermoFlex Plus (Next, I must try GlitterFlex)
  3. Red or Blue Capped Blade
  4. Household Iron
  5. Lightweight towel or pressing cloth
  6. Heat resistant ironing surface
  • Settings for KNK Zing:

  1. Speed – 10
  2. Force – 15
  3. Multicut – 1
  • Steps:

  1. Feed vinyl into your cutter with shiny side down.
  2. Make sure your design is mirrored.
  3. Cut vinyl.
  4. Weed out extra vinyl to reveal design.Photo Showing HTV Design after Weeding
  5. Lay onesie on pressing surface and gently press to remove wrinkles.
  6. Lay out design on onesie. Measure to center if necessary.

    Photo showing Design Placement for Onesie

    Determine Placement Before Beginning to Press

  7. Set iron on hot setting (no steam).
  8. Check your design for any stray pieces of vinyl that could ruin your work.
  9. Lay pressing cloth on design and press firmly, according to manufacturers instructions. (Make sure vinyl is pressed firmly into fabric. You should be able to see the texture of the fabric through the vinyl.)

    Photo close-up to show texture

    Click  to see Texture

  10. If vinyl is not adhering to fabric, repeat last step.
  11. After peeling carrier sheet, replace pressing cloth and press again.
  12. If using multiple colors, lay down the next color and repeat. (Be sure to check manufacturers instructions for layering as some cannot be layered.)Photo of 3 completed Christmas Onesies in gray and red.





Soon I will have another new grandbaby to model my creations!!


Another gift for a precious baby

I love making anything that is for babies or children, and it is always awesome to be able to personalize a gift!. This file is once again just the blending of 2 fonts. If I remember correctly they were Centb and Sweetheart Script. Here is the file for this child team knk

for this child team knk


Materials Used


Rustoleum 2X spray paint



15″ Knk Maxx

red capped blade

Force 45

Speed 400









Every once in a while I get asked to make a “memorial” tile or plaque. They are never easy to make, but yet they also make me happy that I am able to make them for the family. None have touched me more than this one. It was for baby Gabriel . The image I selected for this post is not the picture that was included in the finished product, it was of a private moment between mom and baby. The family had pictures taken as it would be the only pictures they would ever have of their sweet adorable baby. I was amazed at the strength the family had at what was undoubtedly the worst moment in their life. Tears just seeing it again. IMG_3869 Materials


Mat for picture frame


KNK Maxx

red capped blade

force 40

speed 350

I simply selected the font, Lavenderia regular, typed the words, and arranged them to fit the mat or the frame. I then cut the saying from vinyl and applied it using clear transfer tape.