Baby Room Decoration

These are the decorations that I made for my granddaughter’s room. As you can see, I have been very busy!

Hello Kitty, MTC,

The Hello Kitty shapes are from MTC files that I cut in different colors of Fun Foam and embellished with glitter. The flowers were cut from wall vinyl from KNKUSA.COM.


Room Decoration, Hello Kitty

In this case, Hello Kitty is the same file that I used to make the Acrylic Album post. I enlarged the file and cut brown and pink wall vinyl from KNKUSA.COM, the same that was used for the flowers.


The lamp was brown when I bought it, so I changed the color to pink and embellished with Fun Foam that I cut with my TERRIFIC KNK GROOVE-E. I also cut specialty vinyl from KNKUSA.COM, added some ribbon, and then added my final touch, as always, glitter. I love glitter!!!