Auto-traced Fountain with rhinestones

My most favorite thing to do with my KNK Studio (and MTC) is to auto-trace. The image I used for this project I bought from, a photo site that has a lot of silhouettes. This one came from a page of garden things. It reminded me of a beautiful fountain I saw in Puerto Rico last year.
With Sandy’s help, I broke apart the image after tracing, so I had 3 different images: the fountain itself, the flamingo and the water. I used the “Segment Edit” to take out the parts I didn’t need in each image. For the fountain, I used the Ginsu knife to cut the imagine in half, copied the side I kept, reversed it and welded it together. For the flamingo, I edited it and then closed the path to make it whole.
For the water, I was able to delete the fountain and flamingo, so only the water was left. I then used the rhinestone feature to make my circles. It is important to make sure all images fit together before doing the rhinestone template. I ironed on the vinyl first, then added the rhinestones on top.

Since I always have to use a pattern in more than one project, I shrank the pattern, redid the rhinestone template and used it on black cardstock for a page in my cruise album with the pictures of the fountain:

Materials used:
black glitter iron on vinyl
pink glitter iron on vinyl
light aquamarine SS10 rhinestones
light blue SS10 rhinestones
black cardstock
gold wall vinyl
crystal SS10 rhinestones