Linked Alphabet Banners

Through the years I had a metal Christmas banner consisting of linked letters that folded up neatly between holidays.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided to create an alphabet on my 15″ KNK Maxx that would give me diversity and store easily.  The alphabet that I am sharing today has evolved over the past few months.  The first one I designed for New Year’s, but somehow I “lost it” in my computer before I actually cut and used it.  ‘Cupcake Judy’ and her husband, John, came to visit this spring.  Before they came I got busy, so I could have it hanging when they arrived.  They have a March anniversary, so when I saw this neat fabric I knew it would be perfect.

The base letters are cut from poster board.  The top letters are 5″ tall and are cut from quilter’s weight fabric that had Lite Steam-a-Seam2 ironed on the back.  The letters cut from fabric were applied individually to the base letters with a dry iron.  The single shamrock has a top layer of glittered cardstock. It was originally designed with links, but didn’t work as I envisioned, so I removed the links and adhered it to the wall with temporary adhesive.  Small nails were used to hang the 2 banners.  These banners and those that follow are assembled with small brads inserted in the pre-cut holes at the end of each link.

When John and Judy left, I folded the banner on itself so they could safely take it home in their luggage.

While Judy was here, we went to visit Sandy.  Of course I wanted to take a banner for her to see, so I made this one:

When I showed it to my husband, he said why didn’t I use a “K” for K-N-K.  So, I was back to the drawing board and made this one. The top letters in both of these are glittered cardstock, although the photography doesn’t show it in these pictures.

I was challenged with both of these to make them hang level and be supported by the top design, which is also included in the free files.  To accomplish this, I cut the top design 4 times and glued them together and also added additional poster board horizontal strips on the blue and purple rows.  Only with a Klic-n-Kut can we cut with that kind of accuracy!   I took the KUT-KUT-KUT to Sandy and I kept CUT-CUT-CUT.  Since then, mine has been hanging in my craft room and hasn’t held up well as the 2nd and 3rd rows are bowing.  A PFD is included with this post that will show you what happened and how I solved the problem with popsicle sticks.  Now, Sandy hasn’t said anything, but I think I probably need to retrieve hers and ‘fix it’.

Easter came in April and I made a banner to go with a metal sculpture that hangs in my entryway.  The top layer is purple glittered cardstock, mounted on a base alphabet of gold metallic cardstock.

Lastly, I have made a Happy Birthday banner.  For pictures, I have it hanging on my fireplace mantel.  It looks so pretty there that I am going to leave it until the middle of June for my husband’s birthday.  The top letters are glittered cardstock and the brads used are small lollipops.  Ribbons are attached to the ends for tying to small nails.

This has been a fun project with lots of possibilities that I am sure I will use many times over.  I hope you will enjoy it also.  Be sure to check the next posting to see what ‘Cupcake Judy’ has done with it.

Linked Banner Alphabet in KNK, PDF, and MTC file formats