Jeep and Store Lettering


Today, I want to show you again that the posibilities of the KNK are endless. For this Jeep I cut the words “Jeep”, “Wrangler”, “Bling Bling”, the lines and a fire for the hook and the side of the Jeep.

As you can see this is really simple, and you don’t need to be a professional to make something look really nice. The only thing that I used was my KNK, computer, vinyl, transfer tape and a lot of wishes that everything¬†would work perfectly! LOL

Before installation, I had to clean the area really, really well. Then, the words “Bling Bling” were installed dry, but the other letters and the fire on the hook were installed wet so I could move them easily and align them as needed.



Another project that I did was cutting the letters for this store window. What I thought would be really difficult turned out to not be hard at all. For the first time, I did an application with two vinyl colors together, and this worked perfectly. I had no experience doing this and it worked for me! I am very happy with the results!

To combine the two colors, I added two circles to the design that would be cut out from both colors of vinyl. These work as alignment points so that when you are going to put the layers together, you match the two circles first and the letters of one color will then align with the other perfectly.


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