Custom Fabric with Foam Stamps and Paint


Stamped Fabric_sm_opt

I taught a class last week at a major quilt show on the possible uses of cutting machines in quilting. My goal is to bring the convenience and custom work we can do with cutters to the art quilter. One of the many topics was fabric printing with custom foam stamps.

I chose a simple shape from my files to cut from craft foam. It is best to keep the shapes simple when using this material as it is difficult to cut intricate designs since the foam can tear when releasing from the waste material.


KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Thick Material Blade

KNK Zing/Zing Air 12″ x 12″ Mat Set (Blue Grid)

Craft Foam – from the Dollar Tree store

Grafix Craft Plastic Sheets, 12-Inch by 12-Inch, 25/Pkg, Clear .020 from Amazon

Lumiere Fabric Paint  – Dharma Trading Company

Adhesive to glue the foam to a stamping base

Maxx Air Settings

  • Blade Offset = .35
  • # Passes = 1
  • Velocity = 200
  • Force =20  – I started at the recommended 10 from the manual, but got a much better result at 20
  • Blade = Blue Blade, Blade height = 13

After cutting the shape from the foam I ran the foam shapes through my Xyron 1200 Sticker machine to apply an even coat of permanent adhesive to the foam shapes. Using the Grafix plastic, I cut squares larger than the shapes to use as stamp blocks and adhered the foam shapes to the plastic.

Stamp Loaded_opt

Loaded up the new stamp with the Lumiere paint using a foam brush.

Stamping on to Fabric_sm_opt

Positioned the stamp on my fabric and pressed firmly into the fabric. Since I made my stamp base out of clear plastic I was able to see where to stamp the next image in my design easily.

Cleaning any excess wet paint from the stamp base between stampings, helps to keep the stamped images clean and not transfer paint to any unwanted areas.

Once all the images are stamped, cover with a clean paper towel and press with a hot iron to heat set the paint.

The end result is unique original fabric to use in your next project!


Stamped Fabric_sm_opt






A fun card to make

I love making cards, and I make them by the dozen. Besides making them for my mom, sisters, and the “swim club” ( a group of elderly women who swim at the same time my kids swim), I have a big family and need a ton just for my self. My mom and dad had 8 kids, who had 17 kids, who had 19 kids and counting…so I send out cards weekly. :O)

This card was made for a special friend, Colleen, who I meet through the KNK group. When I make a card I find it just as easy to make a dozen at once. IMG_4639 IMG_4640 IMG_4641 Materials


  • 15 KNK MAXX
  • red capped blade


  • 46 for vinyl
  • 90 for paper
  • speed 400

The card base is paper, as is the black background for Hello Kitty. Everything else is vinyl. Using the clear transfer tape makes it simple to line everything up. It was fun and easy to make.  Here is the file hello kitty with star balloons  It was sized for an A6 card.

Zip to Open

Sometimes I would like to create a greeting card that is just a little different than the ordinary style of a folded piece of cardstock inserted into a traditional envelope.  The card shown in this post is one answer to that.  The envelope is part of the card to my way of thinking and if I were going to mail it, I would put in into a traditional envelope to be addressed and mailed.  If I were presenting it in person, I most likely would not use an additional envelope.

Here is a picture of the front of one of these types of cards – a Zipper card – that has not been embellished.  I am intending to create a Birthday card for a young lady whose favorite color is pink.


You can see that there are two lines of cuts across the top portion of the card.  The bow is made from two separate pieces of ribbon which are attached to the back of the center ends of the “Zipper” as shown in the photo below.


I used craft glue to securely attach the ribbon to the inside ends of the “Zipper”.  When the bow is untied and the two sections pulled in opposite directions, the “Zipper” opens by tearing the perforated strips from the front part of the card.  You can see an example of this in the photo below.


The contents of the card/envelope can then be removed.

The back of the card is cut the same size as the front but without the “Zipper” and attached to the front with 1/4″ double sided tape.

I originally created the files as a gift card holder.  The free files contain both the Greeting Card with Insert size as well as a size for standard Gift Cards.  Of course either size would easily hold a $100 bill or a personal check. The files can be downloaded from this link.  Zipper Cards Cutting Files_Judy_Kay

Materials Used:


Craft Glue


1/4″ Double Sided Tape


Machine Used:  15″ KNK Maxx Air

Cutting cardstock: Standard Materials Blade (Red Cap), Force – 50, Speed – 80, PIN – 25, 1 pass




Designing an “Art Wall”

My friend Cherrie has 7 grandchildren who often present her with art work that they have created.  No matter how large her refrigerator was, it would not accommodate such a wealth of talent.  On the enclosed patio, there was a blank wall that was just begging to have some kind of decoration.  Since the family occasions and dinners are often held on the patio, it was a perfect place for the grandchildren’s artwork to be displayed.  That way everybody in the family would have opportunities to appreciate and enjoy the creativity of all of the grandchildren.

In order for the “Art Wall” to be orderly and neat, Cherrie purchased a picture frame for each grandchild that would hold up to a letter sized piece of paper.  The frames can be hung either in landscape or portrait orientation so the art could be created however the grandchild wanted.

After the arrangement of the frames was decided, there was a lot of blank space left over.  The wall measures 115 inches wide by 54 inches tall.  Being a KNK Maxx owner, Cherrie decided that the wall would be a perfect place to add some vinyl sayings around the picture frames.  Using her KNK Studio software, Cherrie laid out the entire wall (yes, you can create a  sign blank that large).  The picture frame spaces were added to the sign blank in their exact positions and the coordinates of the lower left corners were noted to help with positioning them on the wall.  The chosen sayings were created using a variety of fonts and colors to be cut from wall vinyl.  The coordinates for placing the vinyl on the wall were also easily found on the KNK Studio screen taking the guess work out of that.

Here is a photo of the completed wall with artwork in the frames.  Cherrie is a Mickey Mouse fan and the grandchildren are well aware of that.


The lettering on the corners of the frames is the grandchildren’s names.  Cherrie curved the names around the corner so they would be readable whether the frame was hung in landscape or portrait orientation.  The frames can also be switched around so the latest artwork can be hung in the center position no matter which grandchild created it.


Here is a screen shot of the file created in KNK Studio to layout this fantastic accomplishment.


Congratulations, Cherrie!!!  This truly is a work of art in many ways!  Thank you for letting me share it.

One File, Many Possibilities


Since Christmas always seems to arrive sooner than my completion of all the projects I’ve thought I would accomplish, I’ve made a file that can be used in many ways for lots of projects.  Since my 15″ Maxx Air is capable of cutting lots of different materials and my KNK Studio software and my Make the Cut software can easily resize the files according to my needs at the moment, I am ready to start producing those projects as soon as I decide which one to do first.  Oh wait, I did use the file to make the project for this post so I guess I am on my way.

Last year I made many of the round charger plates with vinyl sayings/graphics.  Later I found some smaller, rectangular platters/plates that I liked and bought a couple of them for my stash.  Today I used one of them for my post project along with that ever versatile and so easy to use vinyl.  This is what I made.

Finished Tray_JudyKay-Optimized

Materials Used:

Metallic vinyl in brushed silver and gold

Rectangular tray from hobby store


Machine – KNK 15″ Maxx Air,  Blade – red cap standard material,  Force – 15,  Speed – 70 (because of detailed design)

As I mentioned above, this design could be used for many different materials and many different projects.  Some that I considered are:

Cut from vinyl and apply to a greeting card.

Cut from velum or cardstock and use as an overlay on a greeting card.  Back the overlay with mylar or foil.

Cut from heavy cardstock, chipboard, thin acrylic, or styrene and use for an ornament.

Cut from the Faux Glass Etch vinyl in various sizes and decorate windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.

Enlarge to several different sizes, cut from heavy cardstock, chipboard, thin acrylic, or styrene; mount on stands and display as a “forest” on a shelf or mantle.

Cut from velum and adhere one to each side of a glass candle holder with a battery powered tea light inside.

Cut multiple trees in different sizes from wall vinyl and decorate a wall.

Cut the tree and star from any of the iron-on vinyl materials and decorate clothing, tote bags, and other fabric items.  The tree is symmetrical so if you forget to mirror the file before cutting, it is OK.

I am sure you can imagine many additional uses for the file.  Enjoy!

Christmas Tree Cutting Files_JudyKay