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Halloween Hangtag Challange

Are you up for a challenge?  A very simple one that doesn’t take much time.  This one I did in three hours, start to finish.  That’s design, cutting, assembly.

I’d like to invite you to make your own “Happy Halloween” sign using the hang tags and font “Post Crypt“.   Take a photo, send me a note via comments, and then I’ll arrange to post your photo in this post.  Let’s see what we come up with using a common theme!

To make your sign, just pick a hang tag design, center the letters inside each tag, and join together, then cut out.  What you do after this is what makes it unique!  The fun part comes in putting it together, and the materials you use.  In my case, I limited myself to what I had on hand.  That meant no running out for anything.  Have to whittle down that stash some way…

Here’s how I did mine.  I cut two sets of tags out of black paper.  Saving the inner letters and space (P, A, O), I coated them with black glitter.   Then I sandwiched  a piece of gold leaf paper (from the Thai grocery store) behind the letter, and then glued two of the same letter together so they read the same regardless of how they are hanging.  I glued the “inner space” onto the gold leaf (double click on the photos to enlarge for more detail).

Done.  See, told you it was easy.

Halloween Hangtag

For the sign, I took a spare wood shingle, coated it with glue, and then layered a piece of cheesecloth over it.  Then I sprayed glue adhesive lightly on it, and took all that glitter that fell on the counter and didin’t make it back into the bottle, and rubbed it into the cloth (really making due with what was on hand).  Next I glued some grape vine cuttings onto the board to hold the hang tags.  Some green and orange glass quilting pins that were bent up got cut up and placed into the vine for the “pegs”.  To make the top vine look like a broom, I picked up a handful of pine needles and glued them to one end of the twig, wrapping some ribbon around it.  Last, I placed ribbon through the hang tag holes and mounted them on the peg pins.

We have quite a collection of handmade Halloween muslin dolls that grace our mantle this time each year, and the sign worked perfectly to tie them all together.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing what we all come up with!



19 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It! Challenge

  1. Great looking banner! This inspires me to be more creative in using my stash of leftovers. Thanks!

  2. I love how you have used so many materials that are so easy to gather together. Great way to use what you have!

  3. I love how you have used materials that are so easy to gather. And your use of materials you have on hand. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great project and a fantastic idea! I’d love to see what other people could come up with!

  5. I have a question I saw you used black paper could you have used glitter paper? would it destroy the blade on your machine right away? Just wondering. Thank you

    • Hi, you can use glitter paper, but you would want to cut it upside down, with the paper glitter side down. Make sure to set your blade deep enough. And when you cut, cut in the mirrored format, so that when you weed, the pieces come off the mat correctly with the glitter side up.

      Check first to see how well your glitter paper adheres to your sticky mat. That would be the main question. Can it be stable to be cut, yet not loose it’s glitter to the mat and gunk it up.

  6. Looks pretty spooky to me…..I have to miss this challenge but will try to catch another one. Have a card order due and we are leaving for 3 or 4 days….

  7. Love the banner. The whole scene is quite clever and uniquely Halloween. I was very
    impressed. Thanks so much for sharing.

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