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I have a friend who loves to paint furniture and does a beautiful job. I have a hard time with painting beautiful wood but yet I love her things. She has a blog called Create~Inspire.
The first thing I “tag teamed” with Lisa on was this wood plaque.

I had made some plaques with rough wood and the vinyl didn’t stick as well as I would have liked. I had painted the plaque black and applied white letters. Lisa took the plaque and painted it white, then she peeled off the vinyl letters. It looks so great!
Lisa likes to do fun things with furniture. She has a cricut but has asked me to cut vinyl for her because she is so limited with what she can cut and what fonts she has. One thing she asked me to cut was a clock face to put on top of a table she planned on painting. So I cut the clock face using basic wall vinyl found at KNK USA. I cut it using my 15″ KNK Maxx, a standard blade, with pressure set at 36 and speed at 200. I always use a slower speed with vinyl. This was a larger piece, 24 inches round, so I used the ginsu knife and cut the file in half and cut it in 2 pieces. Lisa applied the vinyl to the table, panted the table white, removed the vinyl and distressed the whole table. It turned out so cute I bought it from her and it makes me smile every time I look at it. :O)

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About Nancy

Hi. My name is Nancy and I live in Wisconsin. I have been married to Sam for 44 years and I am mom to 5 grown children. I also have 2 grandchildren , Gavin 12 and Hailey 9. We live in the country and have 2 dogs, a cat. I love making cards and paper piecing. I also enjoy making tiles.

18 thoughts on “Tag Team

  1. The clock is gorgeous and anyone would love to have that. But your plaque inspired me to do a word art for my oldest daughter and I will have to give this a go soon. Need to find something to apply it to. Thanks for sharing your love of crafting.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I just LOVE them! Great job! I never change the speed with vinyl….seems to cut beautifully no matter what I do to it hahaha! Maybe that is why I love it so much 🙂
    love hugs and prayers

  3. Brilliant!! I am just starting to cut vinyl and love the way it cuts like “butta”. I had not thought of making the words into stencils. I must try it.
    Thank you for the great idea.

  4. Love, Love these projects! You have a creative partnership going on there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a cool thing to do….start a project and someone else adds to it to finish it!! A Creative Collaboration. 🙂
    LOVE that clock table. Super idea!

  6. Beautiful, yet another idea to add to the list. I can’t imagine all the things I could do with this technique!

  7. Love the plaque. I’m going to have to try making one of those for sure! The clock table is great too. Funny that you cut the vinyl for her and ended up liking it so much that you bought it. LOL! Great work by both of you.

  8. Love the clock table. I think you have pointed out a fun way to involve others
    in your love of crafting. The plaque is a neat idea. Great projects for inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Cool, Nancy!!! Kind of a reverse stencil effect!!! It is wonderful to have clever friends!

  10. love your plaque too. haven’t tried vinyl on wood but like the idea of painting over it and then removing. if it’s not sticking this is a good option. thanks for sharing these projects. the clock stool is soooo awsome! I would buy it too.

  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. This was a fun project, especially since Lisa did most of the work. :O) It will never cease to amaze me what we can do with our KNK’s!

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