T shirts!

aMANDA PINK i RUN FOR BENJAMIN This beautiful person is my niece Amanda.She is a mom to 3 awesome kids. She joined a program called I Run For   The program matches able bodied runners with people who due to a disability are unable to run. Amanda was matched with a little boy named Benjamin. Benjamin is Autistic. Amanda posts about her runs so Benjamin knows when she runs and how far. Amanda and Benjamin’s mom communicate so Amanda knows how Benjamin’s day went. Amanda asked me if I would make this decal for her running shirts.  I had just bought a heat press  and was nervous as this shirt is polyester. But I checked it out and was able to use thermoflex plus. I remembered to mirror the image prior to cutting it which I have about a 50% success rate after doing 8 shirts. :~) The heat press is easy to use and the vinyl is as easy to cut as any other vinyl. I don’t plan on starting a t shirt business but do plan on having a lot of fun making things for friends and family.

Materials used:

Heat press

Thermoflex plus


KNK Maxx

Red blade

90 force

350 speed


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  1. Beautiful t shirt decal and what a beautiful person your niece is to do this for Benjamin! ~Diane

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