Sweet Valentine Kiss

Kris Kutz Kiss Place Card January 2014

Give your Valentine a “kiss” with this sweet place card! Here’s a cute way to give everyone at your Valentine party a chocolate kiss without the calories! Using a chocolate brown cardstock, cut your slice form kiss. I used a force of 100, speed of 350 with one pass. For the name tag, use your pen holder and insert a fun colored pen. Don’t forget to switch from Drag Knife to the Pen mode! Write the name you’ve selected and watch the magic happen. Once completed, then switch back to Drag Knife, insert your blade in the blade holder and cut away – same force of 100 and speed of 350, it only takes one pass.

Now it’s time to wrap your kiss! Take aluminum foil you already have in the kitchen and cut a piece wide enough to cover both sides of each cut pieces of the chocolate kiss. Glue aluminum foil on both sides of each pieces the chocolate kiss. As I have done, I kept the tip of the chocolate kiss exposed just for fun and trim with scissors. Now, if you don’t want any of the chocolate exposed, you can use a foil cardstock instead of covering brown cardstock. Glue the name tag on the chocolate kiss and put in place for your guests to discover.

Have fun with this project and have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

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  1. So cute, what a neat idea if you are entertaining. You picked a great combination of materials.

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