Supercool Art Design Contest

SuperCool Art is holding a contest. Check out the information below for a chance to share your artistic talent, and possibly earn some bucks:


Have you ever wanted to channel your inner artist and create your own masterpiece to display in your home? Perhaps you haven’t had the desire, but maybe your children have. This is no longer something you have to dream about; it’s something you can achieve with a little help from SuperCool Art! We have kits that are geared towards educating artists of any age on color theory, scale and composition in a hands-on way. There are three kits geared towards children, and another three kits for adolescents and adults.

Or maybe you’re already a budding or established artist and would love to see your design made into our next themed kit and win up to $500.00 for your creativity.

We are running a contest to find our next commissioned artist. You can check out our current themes at: and

You will find all the contest rules and entry form at:

We can’t wait to see what all of you creative genius’ come up with!

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5 thoughts on “Supercool Art Design Contest

  1. I wish they had a challenge for coming up with ideas. I can sure copy but the old mojo doesn’t run much to being super creative myself. I so envy those creative minds.

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