vinyl on desks and glass vases

This is a very simple project that I did for my friend Julie’s two sons. They can use them for doing homework, eating snacks, coloring, or many other things.

I bought desks in each boy’s favorite color and used outdoor vinyl so they can be washed off. Jacob is a dinosaur expert and loves anything dinosaur. So I put several dinosaurs on his desk.

Christopher loves to play with Legos and I found an SVG on the Internet that would cut using MTC software to my 24″ KNK. I did make several changes to the file, but I found I should have cut the “pegs” from a different color to make them show up better.

I’ve also added pictures of the glass vases I made for my state meeting this past weekend. Julie designed the music staff and treble clef for me and the shoes were traced in MTC from one of the silhouettes I bought from I had to make 37 of them. All the vinyl I used I purchased from

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  1. The desks are so cute, kids love things that are personalized…I guess we all do! 37 vases ia a lot of vases! They turned out very nice.

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