Boat’s Name Decal

KNK, Vinyl

With the KNK machines we are able to decorate and create many things. Our Friend wanted to write the name of his boat on it. Thankfully, I just so happen to have a repertoire of wonderful machines at my disposal :), the KNK Groove-e plus a TERRIFIC KNK Force. So I decided to do it for him. This vinyl has a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years outdoor, it also has a permanent-aggressive adhesive.

This is a very, very  easy project to make.

The materials that I used for this project were:

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Force = 15
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the Decorative Arc:

  1. I Wrote the Letters using MTC.
  2. I peel off the excess of vinyl from the cut letters.
  3. Applied clear transfer tape on top of the Letters.
  4. Lastely, I applied them to the surface.

7 thoughts on “Boat’s Name Decal

  1. Hi Carol, First, I measure the area where I am going to apply the letters. Then, In MTC I made a rectangle the same size of this area and in MTC is where I align the letters. When I cut them it is just to add the transfer tape and it is done.

  2. General Formulations CC500 Intermediate Outdoor Vinyl From under material lists, click on top of the word vinyl and it is going to take you directly to the website. This is a really good material, I have used it on cars and signs. I really Recommend it.

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