Stenciled Table

We have a little vacation home that needed some updating in the bedroom. I painted a couple of the walls a light gray to freshen things up. With the painted walls, I decided the little round stenciled table beside the bed needed to be updated.

Picture representing the original finish on table before painting and stenciling.

Original Finish

I didn’t think to take a “before” picture, but it had a finish like this.

I sanded the table lightly and painted it white. Next, I antiqued it using a dark glaze.

Little tilt-top table painted white and antiqued.

Table Painted and Antiqued

I wanted to stencil something on the top, but didn’t know what I wanted. We have a bit of a bicycle theme going on in our little place, but I decided we were getting a little carried away with bikes, so didn’t want to stencil one on my little table.

Numbers are popular and I thought about just putting a number on it…. but what number??  And then… an idea came to me. I’ll explain later.




Antiquing Glaze

Sponge “Brush”

Vinyl or other stencil material

Red Capped Blade


KNK Zing

Force – 45

Multicut – 3

Speed – 10

Offset – .35

Since we recently found out we will be getting a new little princess in April, I figured I would do something to signify this important event. I decided to use the number “5”, since this will be our 5th grandchild, and add the month and year of her expected arrival. (The only problem is that I accidentally used 2015 instead of 2016!! Oh well, it’s cute anyway. I’m glad it wasn’t for a customer. lol)

Screen capture of Inkscape design

Inkscape Design

I used Inkscape to create the simple design.

Then, I imported it into MTC to cut it with my Zing. Since the paint was fresh, I wasn’t sure about using my permanent vinyl for the stencil. I was afraid it might peel the paint off when I removed the stencil. And, I didn’t like the idea of using my vinyl if I didn’t have to.

Yesterday, I had an HTV mishap. (… guess I’m on a roll!) I decided that the plastic transfer sheet on the discarded HTV might work well for the stencil. It worked out perfectly…. sticky, but not too sticky. I did get a little bit of “bleed” around my stencil, but I didn’t care for this particular project as I wanted a “used/vintage” look.

Creating Stencil

Creating Stencil

I stuck the stencil down to the table and added a little tape to the edge because my stencil material was pretty small. I wanted a border big enough around it that I didn’t get extra glaze where it didn’t belong. The glaze was added using a sponge brush.


Finally, I took the stencil off to reveal the finished project.

Finished stenciled table

Stenciled Table


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