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My boy spawn plays baseball. He just turned 12. We had our first injury/broken bone(s) this season. He got hit in the face with a fast pitch and ended up with a broken nose and fractured cheekbone. This boy loves baseball, so even though the doctor said he needed to definitely sit out for two weeks, but should sit out for six, it wasn’t happening. My boy was granted play if he wore a special mask on his helmet. He hated it, but he did it.

Let me tell you the broken nose thing is not pretty. By the next day his face was so swollen, he couldn’t open his eye and his nose was pushed to the side. He insisted on attending his games and sat in the dug out cheering on his team, itching to get out there and play.

The team ended up winning so on their very last game, my boy’s twelfth birthday, he was able to play (with modifications on the helmet and he couldn’t pitch or play infield). Unfortunately, his team lost, but it was the best game I’d seen all season. It was tied and they had to play extra innings.

Around the time he was benched, his teammates all had to vote the top players for the all star team.

A week before the announcements, I got a call from the manager’s wife, asking me to help make the stars. The way the teams are announced is at midnight, a star is hung on the player’s door with lots of confetti surrounding it. Let me reiterate that there was lots of confetti. Two weeks later, it is still on our front step and gets tracked in the house constantly.


I went to Party City and bought 15″ shiny gold stars and 5 1/2 smaller blue ones. The league’s colors are blue and gold so I wanted to stay with that. At Michael’s I bought some glitter stars to decorate them and used my KNK Maxx and Zing to do the rest.

The lettering on the blue stars is white vinyl from KNK USA.

20140619-IMG_3760 20140619-IMG_3757

The boys’ names were cut with blue card stock. Finally, the baseballs were an image I found on the internet and I print and cut them on the Zing.


I glued the names onto the baseball and glued the baseball onto the star. I attached the blue stars with foam tape to add some dimension.


Ha ha. That’s the neighbor boy peeking through the fence.

It was a lot of fun making these for the 13 boys and I know they must have been happy to see these on their door step on Saturday morning.


I know my son plans to keep his in his room as a neat keepsake of his All Stars experience.


Until next month, Stay Classy KNK-ers.


White vinyl

blue color mates paper

baseball image downloaded from internet

Gold stars and blue stars (Party City)

glitter stars (Michaels): the adhesive isn’t great on these. I was getting ready to cut chipboard stars with my machine and make my own.


KNK 24″ Maxx (vinyl)

Zing (cardstock)

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  1. So sorry for what happened to your son. But Thanks God he is good and he continues with his passion and determination. He really loves to play baseball.

    Great Project Deb,

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