Stainless Steel Business Sign

My farrier asked me to make a sign for his business. (For any non-horsey people, a farrier is the person who trims the horses’ feet and puts on shoes when needed.)


He brought me a stainless steel plate ‘blank’. Not only did he want his name on the sign in vinyl, but he had penciled a logo that I needed to create in the design software. I scanned his drawing  from my multi-function printer/scanner into pdf and a graphic file to test import quality of both.  As the drawing was in pencil, the lead was not consistent across the design.  I imported it into MTC, then KNK Studio to compare the quality and amount of editing I would need to perform.  In the end, I used KNK Studio to clean up the file.  He also asked for a printout and/or digital file as he wants to have a metal leather stamp made with the logo. Between MTC, KNK Studio and Inkscape, I have the ability to give him the digital file in almost any format and quality/size the stamp manufacturer requires. Creating and assembling the sign’s design was quite simple.

But…Have you ever had too many choices? Like when buying a new car, or an appliance? It’s so much easier to get an idea of what the customer is looking for before I make suggestions – because sometimes too many options makes the choice more difficult. In this case, I gave him both one and two color versions of the design; and the option of about 20 different colors I inventory. He definitely preferred the two color design, but liked both the red/black and the blue/red combinations.  He took printouts home to check with his wife and called me the next day. Since he still couldn’t decide, he asked for one side in red/black and the other in reflective blue/red.

Side One – Red/Black:


Side Two – Reflective Blue/Red (no flash used in this photo):

And here is what ‘Reflective Blue’ looks like when light is shone upon it (way too cool!):


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I am the proud mother of 2 grown children, waiting for grandchildren some day. I've been married to my best friend since 1988. I have been crafting since I was a girl - I can't even remember a time when I wasn't creating something, and I've tried nearly everything. I discovered KNK in 2009 and have loved the company and its products ever since. The machines are so versatile and enhance my own creativity. It is rare that I make something without my KNKs.

16 thoughts on “Stainless Steel Business Sign

    • Thank you, but I have to say its the customer’s design – i just made it beautiful. You should try it! Not only for signage, but I’m thinking trailer trim, motorcycles, ATVs – anywhere I want to make sure my family is seen by others!

  1. I love what you did with this blank stainless steel plate. Not only the colors (I like the blue better) but also the design. Very unique and creative. Way to go, Michele.

  2. Really great job you did on these! My SIL would love something like that for the Cubs! LOL Or it Cubs? Or Bears? The orange and blue colors? Football, not baseball..really not up on sports LOL.

  3. Nice work! It’s awesome we have so many amazing tools to work with right in our homes. And yes…I will attest to the fact that sometimes we have too many choices and that is the reason it takes me forever to complete one simple layout or project! I’m not complaining about it, but “That’s MY story and….” LOL!

  4. This looks great. Love the way you were able to wrangle the design for the logo. Isn’t software that lets you design the best?

  5. I am playing around with vinyl and trying to make stencils to use an enamel paint for my lettering

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