Spooky wall bats

With Halloween coming up, bats are all the rage! Elina loves to decorate the house for Halloween. This year, we added some wall vinyl to the mix.

I used my KNK Zing and MTC to cut these bad boys. I found bitmap of the bats on the internet and pixel traced them. The total size of my layout is about three feet tall and two feet wide. Below is the file I created to cut my bats:



In my MTC file, I was able to fit a full 3ft x 2ft section of bats into 2 12″ x 12″ mats.


Cut on a KNK Zing
Force: 10
Speed: 10
Blade: standard material blade
Offset: .35
Material used: 12 inch wall vinyl

40 thoughts on “Spooky wall bats

  1. Those are awesome. I must do this. Would I get away with using it as my project this month 😉 Just kidding.

    Think I’m going to put them on the windows. It will look neat at night with the lights on.

      • I just gave them another shot and both the MTC and EPS seem to be working for me.

        Let me know if they still fail for you 🙂

        • All I get is a long page of letters and weird mumbo jumbo junk. 🙁 Just tried it 3 more times for 3 computers. Hmmmm. wonder what’s up!

  2. Love these! It’s fun to see you get some time to play too! 😉
    love hugs and prayers

  3. I LOVE this! I have to show this to my DIL. It would be perfect for the party she’s hosting for our grandkids. What fun!

  4. The kids in my family would love it,,,I wonder if I am speaking of me or my husband…LOL

  5. Love the bats! Thank so much!

    For those having trouble with the files, try switching browsers. I couldn’t download them from Firefox but IE did just fine

  6. I wanted to put these up but DH thought I was making suggestions that he was “batty”…… Chad, they are pretty ummmmm, batty.

  7. that would have been neat when my kids were small. they would have loved it. and I am sure my 25 yr. old son would love it now.

  8. These are fantastic! One decoration I am really going to do this year!! Thanks so much!


  9. What a fun idea! I have a great wall for that here at our new home! Now, to find the vinyl and Zing…

  10. Love these bats. Wow. The MTC link doesn’t work for me either but it is because it is underlined when my cursor goes on it. I did get the esp which is fine.
    Great Halloween Statement.

  11. wonderful job! they actually look like they are flying around!! thanks for sharing your project and files.

  12. Now if you can only accessorize the outfit your wife picked for you 🙂
    love hugs and prayers

  13. These are pretty cool, although I only have orange vinyl at the moment : ( Will have to make some pumpkins until I get some black… or just paint it black : )

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