Sometimes life does not go according to your plans…

and that sums it up with my life right now. I did a nursery for a friend and it turned out adorable. I had hoped to have the photos for todays post but that didn’t happen. :O(

But, I did see a saying on Pinterest that I thought would be fun to make. I live in Wisconsin which means I am a huge Packers fan. As with most NFL Teams they are not fond of copyright infringements. But I was able to make something that allows me to boast about the Packers without mentioning them by name. I haven’t made this yet, just designed it so you are only going to get an image., but I will post the file and you can change it for your team. football Season Team knk When I make plaques like this I love to make them in a 12″x24″ size. I would buy the wood and patiently wait for my husband to cut them to size. Sometimes I wasn’t very patient. :O)  But I found a wonderful solution, HOME DEPOT! I buy their MFD in 24″x48″ pieces,1/2″ thick, 4 to a pack. You can buy just one sheet if you want. You order on line and have it shipped free to the nearest store. Then when they notify you that it is in you ask them to cut each piece into 12″x24″ pieces (also free). Out of a $25 4 piece order you end up with 16 12″x24″ plaques, approx $1.50 each and no husband involved. :O) A little Rustoleum Painters Touch 2X spray paint and you are ready to go. Because of our Wisconsin winters it is great to have a bunch painted ahead so you aren’t trying to paint them when it is 30 below zero outdoors. KNK USA has the vinyl that you need to comple this project. I cut the vinyl with my 15″ Maxx generally with a pressure around  40 depending on  whether it is indoor or outdoor vinyl. Have fun and enjoy the football season!

football season


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  1. I appreciate the tip on buying at Home Depot. I will have to make a purchase soon. 🙂 Looking forward to your file.
    Thank you.

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