Simples Shapes for Christmas Decoration

These two beautiful decorations for Christmas were made using simple shapes from KNK Studio such as, Circles, Triangle, Square and Rectangles, and a little star.   KNK, Christmas Decoration, Materials Used:

  • KNK Studio
  • Fun Foam
  • Glitter
  • Markers
  • Styrofoam Balls
  • Glue gun



      • Step 1 – Cut all of the tree pieces from the attached file
      • With the marker color all the edges of the fun foam
      • After that put glitter on it and let it dry

 The Christmas Tree

Fun Foam, Christmas Tree, KNK

  • Use the circles that are in the attached file
  • Pre-heat the iron and place the circle on the iron just for few seconds
  • After that, hold the circle with your fingers to give the desire shape


December Post 3ds

  • Then, insert a wood stick to form the tree

December Post 3d

  • And finally, add the star to the top of your tree.


The Snowman

KNK, Snowman, Fun Foam

    • Use the squares from the attached files
    • Pre-heat the iron and heat the fun foam for few seconds
    • Cover the Styrofoam with the fun foam and hold it until it is cold


    • Cut the remaining shapes in the snowman group
    • Do the same to form the body
    • After that, draw the face and glue a piece of pipe cleaner to form the arms and nose
    • And the last step is to embellish

  This project is really fun to make. I did it to decorate a Jewelry case. As an idea, you can take a glass vase, put snow in it and put this tree and snowman inside to decorate any coffee table or office.


7 thoughts on “Simples Shapes for Christmas Decoration

  1. I love this! I had no idea you could heat fun foam & shape it! how fun is that! Thank you for sharing! Love the snowman!!!!

  2. How cool. I never thought of making 3D shapes with fun foam on the cutter. Great idea. Thank you for the file.

  3. Omayra, you are truly the Fun Foam Queen! Your creativity is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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