Simple, quick, and sweet!

I seem to have a lot of 8×12 scraps of wood and there always seem to be fun things to do with them. I saw this idea on a Facebook page and decided to make it for a niece. I believe the fonts are King Basil and Euphemia.



Rustoleum spray paint


clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 36

speed 500

It was a simple matter of choosing the fonts & welding the script font. I then made an 8×12 rectangle and  sized and arranged the words in the rectangle as I wanted them to appear on the wood. Then I cut the words from vinyl, weeded them and used clear transfer tape to apply them to the wood. With in minutes I had this sweet plaque!

I have had my Maxx since they first came out and love it. I was so excited to hear that KNKUSA is coming out with a new and improved Maxx! Check it out by clicking here.