Sign for a Tiki Decoration

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This is a summer decoration that I made. To compliment the decoration I made a sign or Banner with our mascot (frog). I wanted to make the Pelicans and the palm tree out of Craft Foam, but because this was a last minute decoration, I did not have the time to do it.


Settings (Groove-e):

  • f = 15
  • v = 250
  • p = 1


  • First, I searched on the internet a surfboard image in a PNG format and saved it on my desktop
  • Then, I imported it to MTC using the Pixel Trace icon or ctl+shift+T and click open
  • Surf Board 1  When you click open you will see what I have in my next picture Surf Board 2 Threshold
  • Then, I changed the Threshold to 200, so my image is more clear and the lines are more defined.
  • Next, I did the same with a frog because our Logo is a Frog. I placed the frog on the middle of the surfboard and wrote a word on each side of the frog to make it a sign. surfboard with frog
  • For the Frog I used two colors of vinyl.
    • What I did first was to cut everything that  was the color green. Because I wanted my design exactly as I was seeing it on my computer, I draw three circles on top of my design and cut them with my color green cut.  surfboard with frog green cut
    • Now I cut the yellow part of the design and cut the exact three dots too. They have to be at the same position and size where  your green dots design are, so you can match them once cut.
    • surfboard with frog yellow cut
    • When the two colors have been cut, it is time to put them on the foam-board. So apply the transfer tape on top of your designs.
    • The first color that you are going to put is the green one that is the design that is going to be underneath. Remember to include your three dots or circles. Place it on and remove the transfer tape.
    •  Now it is time to apply the yellow design on top of the green one. Before you remove the backing of your design you need to remove just a little bit of the backing paper that is behind your three dot and match the three dots that are with the green design. Once those three yellow dots matches the three Green dots your design will be ready to be put and looks like the one that you see in your screen.
  • The rest of the decoration was made with foam board, Styrofoam and Dollar store items

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