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Since my Viking sewing machine dealer thought I did a good job at the quilt show where she had a booth last September, she invited me to help out in her booth at a sewing expo the first part of this month.  The September show was 2 days and the one this month was 3 days.  Plus the booth this month was more than twice as large.  This meant that there needed to be more samples for display and more items for sale.

She liked the book I made for the September show which I posted here and asked me to make another one for a quilt pattern for which she would be demonstrating the techniques in her classes and displaying the quilt in the booth.  Previously I had put the pages in a three ring binder.  For this one we used a scrapbook and I used my KNK Maxx Air to help create a customized cover sheet and the pages for the scrapbook.  Because the pages were 12″ x12″ the cover was 12 1/2″ x 14 1/8″.  I used poster board for the base of the cover and cardstock for the pages.  As I did in the “Story of the Owl”, I created silhouettes of the machine embroidery hoops to frame the openings in the pages.  Actual sewn out samples were sandwiched between two cardstock frames so both sides of the sample could be seen and touched.  In order to make a hinge for the pages I cut a strip of flexible vinyl – the kind you can buy by the yard – and inserted it at the left edge between the two layers of the pages.  Holes were punched to fit on the posts of the scrapbook.

These are pictures of the pages in the scrapbook.  This time I also added page numbers cut from vinyl.  I used the Print and Cut function of the Make the Cut software to create the word labels and mats for each page.



The shiny stuff on the left edge of the pages is the vinyl hinge.

This is what the scrapbook cover looked like.


All of the lettering was cut from the same vinyl as the page numbers.   In order to get the placement of the vinyl correct, I used the KNK Studio software to lay out the cover, used the print option to get a paper copy of the ‘plan’, assembled the pieces of the printed ‘plan’, taped the ‘plan’ to my light table, placed the poster board over the ‘plan’ and had a perfect template for putting the vinyl lettering on the poster board.  Then I added my pictures with their cardstock mats and the scrapbook cover was complete.

My dealer has had a booth at this expo for several years and wanted to show her returning customers as well as new customers her appreciation for their business.  She asked me to make some embroidered items to be gifts with purchase.  These pictures show what those gifts were.


Although you can’t see them in this picture, the red medallions had SS10 crystal rhinestones on them instead of the red confetti hearts on the pink and white medallions.


This is just a sample of the pencils.  There were actually 60 pencils made.

For a bit of fun to help distribute these gifts, I cut 2″ hearts from red, pink, and white cardstock, wrote the names of each of the gifts on the hearts and then folded them in half and closed them with a Valentine sticker.  Of course the hearts were cut using my KNK Maxx Air.



All of the folded hearts were placed in a container and as purchases were made, the buyer selected a heart and opened it to reveal their gift.

I created several other embroidered items to be displayed.  Since they were all from designs by one designer we displayed them in a group on a large sheet of fabric covered foam board.  The display needed to have some signs and lettering so, of course, I used my KNK Maxx Air, some cardstock and some more vinyl to create them.

This is a picture of the diisplay board in the booth.


The shape of the “Clever & Crafty” sign is a built in banner shape in the Make the Cut software.  I did some node editing to get the exact shape that I wanted and then added some detail lines and shading with colored pencils for a 3D look.  Most of the vinyl lettering is two layers of vinyl.  The top layer was hand placed on the bottom layer since the majority of the letters in the top layer were single letters.  The bottom layer was created using the Transform/Outline function in the KNK Studio software.  It could also have been made using the Shadow Layer function in the MTC software.  I was fortunate to be able to closely match the fonts I used with the fonts the designer had used on the design pattern inserts.

I enjoyed participating in the show and am pleased that I could use the versatility of my KNK Maxx Air, the KNK Studio software, and the Make the Cut software to enhance the displays and create other items to be used in the booth.

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  1. You did an outstanding job of making the booth look polished and professional. What a great way to use your talents and your cutter.

  2. This is very impressive. I love it when we can use these tools to really add some wow to displays!!

  3. wow! a very impressive job. it constantly amazes me how others put there cutters and software to work for so many varied projects.

  4. Once again, Judy, you have outdone yourself with your talent and creativity. I am sure your Viking sewing machine dealer is very Happy she knows you and can count on you for such amazing projects. I love the rhinestones on the medallions but those butterflies are just exquisite. I’m sure your dealer’s booth was one that got a lot of activity. Thanks for sharing. The cover page of the book has a real WOW factor.

  5. Judy, you created such a professional and eye-catching booth! It’s obvious that you enjoyed this project very much. Nice job!

  6. Boy, I wonder why she thought you did such a good job at the last show. :O) This is outstanding, you did an awesome job.

  7. I remember the owl for before. It was great. This is also a great group of projects. They turned out fantastic! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Hopefully, I can create something half as good as these from your inspiration.

  8. Judy, I am simply wowed by this post! Since I do many of the same things you do and know how much time they take, after reading your description and seeing all the pictures, I am wondering how you found time to sleep when you were creating it all? I am commending you for your organization skills, as well, to meet the deadline and have everything ready for the show. What a fete!!! Thank goodness for such dependable ‘toys’!

  9. The Clever and Crafty sign should apply to YOU and this post! Your endless applications using your KNK’s never cease to impress me! And I’m with Lynn K… how DO you find time to sleep? : )

  10. Oh my goodness! As I am reading your wonderful post, I am wondering how many hours you put in to make this booth so spectacular. So many different ideas and applications were used. You are truly gifted!

  11. I wish I was in retail and had you as a creative consultant. You are such a wonder!! I am so impressed by you! Wow..

  12. The Display and scrapbook look fantastic! Great job, Judy. And thanks for Sharing!

  13. I love all the embroidery ideas you had for gifts. and the poster for the quilt was great

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