Shapes = Tags

In a recent post, The Story of the Owl, I had made an embroidered zipper purse in the shape of an owl.  In that set of embroidery designs there are 11 more shapes and I think I became slightly addicted to them because I made them all and some more than once.

To make them a bit more special when giving them as gifts, I wanted to make custom tags for them that echoed the shape of the little purse.  Not just a one layer tag, but a tag that had three layers and each layer would be in the shape of the purse.

My embroidery software has the capability to export a file in cmx format which I can import into my KNK Studio software.  I selected the part of the embroidery designs that stitched the outlines of each shape and created files to import into KNK Studio.

Using these basic shapes, I was all set to create my layered tags.  For some of the shapes I could use the Transform/Inline function and was happy with the appearance of the interior shapes it created.  Other shapes ended up looking rather wonky with angles instead of curves and lost the definition that I wanted to keep in the smaller version of the shapes.  I wanted them to be minature versions of the original shape.  Next I tried using the Transform/Metamorphsis function by shrinking a copy of the original shape to 80% and then using the original size shape and the smaller shape, created an intermediate layer.  Again that worked for some of the shapes but not others.  Some of the shapes worked by just shrinking the original shape to 80% and 90% and centering the three shapes on top of each other.  For the ones that I didn’t like the results of any of the above processes, I selected the result that I liked the best and used my node editing tools to ‘adjust’ the shape to  suit me.

Here is a picture of all of the zipper purses and their custom tags.  I coordinated the colors of the tags with the colors of the purses.

Here is a close up picture of a few of them for a better look at the tags.

All of the tags were cut from plain cardstock using a standard material blade using a speed of 150 and a pressure of 90 – 125 as appropriate for the cardstock.  The tags were cut on my 15″ KNK Maxx.

19 thoughts on “Shapes = Tags

  1. What embroidery software do you use? I am in the market for new software and it would be great to have some software that I could do this too.

  2. Boy you are multi talented! These are great, I can see where they would be addicting, they are so cute!

  3. Too Cute! Great for any occasion. The cupcake is perfect for Charlotte’s 4th birthday present. She LOVES cupcakes!

  4. I see LOTS of work on this project. They are adorable! The tags are a perfect complement for these purses. Very nice job!

  5. The tags are adorable as are the purses. Did you design the purses yourself? Where would a person get these purse designs? Love both projects

  6. what a great idea…i have never thought of combining my cutting and my embroidery…thank you …and your work was wonderful…i love it

  7. Very cute! How long does it take you to complete a purse? What software do you use for your embroidery? Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. These are wonderful little gift items. I’m enjoying the heart and the butterfly that I received from Judy on two separate occasions. Thanks Judy for the gift tag inspiration that matches the little purses!

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