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The credit for this idea goes to my dear friend Cherrie. She has five wonderful grandchildren and she wanted to do something special recently when they all were at her house for a weekend sleep over. She decided to make each of them a Lollipop Seed Packet. They planted the seeds in the yard before bedtime one night and the next morning when they got up there were huge lollipops right where the seeds had been planted. It was Magic!!!

She was telling me of her plans and I said I would see if I could come up with a KNK file for her to cut and paper piece on some readymade envelopes that she had. This is what we ended up with:

Cherrie printed the text on the envelopes on her inkjet printer. The growth of the lollipop was depicted with paper pieced shapes cut from scrapbook paper. The large lollipop was embossed with the metal curlicue from a desk photo holder. The words “Lollipop Seeds” were cut from a sheet of “Funky Films” by Grafix. It is a self adhesive foil film and is available at many craft stores.








I decided that it would be fun if you could see the “seeds”. Also I wanted to learn how to do print and cuts on my KNK. So I came up with a variation of the lollipop seed packet design and then designed a second seed packet since Cherrie also told me about “Donut Seeds”.

These are pictures of the finished seed packets:

As you can see this design has a window in the envelope so the Lollipop Seeds (cake and cooke decorations) can be seen. The lollipop graphic and the text at the bottom of the envelope were printed on an inkjet printer on computer paper. The words “Lollipop Seeds” were cut from the green sheet of Funky Film.






















This is the Donut Seed Pack (Cheerios are perfect for donut seeds). Both the front and back are shown since the directions for growing your own donuts is on the back of the packet. Donuts must be more difficult to grow since they have more instructions than lollipops. Again, the printing was done on an inkjet printer on computer paper and the words “Donut Seeds” were cut from the red sheet of Funky Film.

 This is what the two sheets look like just after the printing phase of the print and cut:

The text on the Donut Seed Packet is upside down because it will be folded up to become the back of the packet.








After cutting them on my KNK Maxx, they looked like this:












The seeds were bagged up and put in the packets using small (2″ x2″) ziplock bags and double sided tape. Like this:




 The envelopes for the packets were then folded and pasted closed.

There are notes in each of the files about cutting and assembly:




Even if you don’t want or need any seed packets, you could use the envelope files for many things without the printing and perhaps without the windows. I hope you find many uses for them. Enjoy!!

Lollipop and Donut Files in KNK Format

Lollipop and Donut Files in MTC Format

Lollipop and Donut Files in PDF Format


34 thoughts on “Seed Packets

  1. How awesome is this?!? lol I’m sure the kids loved this! Thanks for Sharing, Judy.

    • Thanks, Chad!! one of the kids had some “seeds” left in his packet and was going to plant them at home. His grandpa told him they were broken and probably wouldn’t grow. LOL!

  2. Judy, I am so happy that Cherrie shared this idea with you! Your designs and use of the Graphix Funky Film are outstanding. I can think of many other ways to use the packet designs. Thanks for sharing the files.

    • Thank you, Lynn! The Funky Film adds a bit of sparkle to things without the mess of glitter.

  3. So cute… I was thinking they would be great for some party favors at my son’s birthday in a few weeks. But, I don’t see the files. Am I missing the link somewhere?

  4. So cute Judy, I can see my Grandson out there digging now! What a fun idea, it is always fun to make things for the little people in our lives.

  5. Awww, makes me wish I had little ones around to see the amazement on their faces! This must have been so much fun for them – Grandma especially! Thanks for sharing the file.

  6. These are just toooooo CUTE!!!! I love your idea!! I don’t have any little ones, but I saved the idea anyway in hopes that some day I will have more grandchildren! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

    • Even if you don’t have more grandkids, Cece, I bet you can find some little kids you can use this for. It is fun being able to share the ideas and files.

  7. Oh my goodness … I see another project in the making! I need to have them ready for my grandchildren’s next visit. I’m loving all the ideas offered here. All the ideas and creativity are so inspiring. Thanks to all who have contributed!

    • You are welcome, Rhonda. Thanks to Chad, Sandy, and Accugraphic for making this possible.

  8. Judy,
    These are so neat and amazing. I bet the kids absolutely loved them. Thanks for the files too. You are so talented and generous. I appreciated getting these files. I will look forward to making some of these.

    • You are welcome for the files Lynn. Thank you for your kind words. Kids of all ages like these.

  9. What a creative idea! This is perfect for a friends family that lives near me. CAn’t wait to try these. Thanks for sharing he files.

    • Thanks Barbie! Glad you will be able to use the ideas and the files. Have fun with them.

  10. This is cute! The Donut seeds remind me of a vendor from the farmers market last year that had amazing bagels, and always had bags of bagel seeds (multigrain cheerios) for the kids. I miss that place!

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