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I really liked the seashell files that i used to creat the seashell cupcake wrappers so I decided to use them to make some note cards. If you were going to use the seashell cupcake wrappers, you might be hosting some event at a beach or with a beach theme. Since I wasn’t sure what size or style (side fold or top fold) would best suit a person’s purpose, I created two different sizes of each style. All of the cards have a lining cut from scrapbook paper. To make the lining fit the shaped edge of the card, I mirrored the card cutting file. The detail lines that are in the card cutting file were included in the mirrored file for the lining to add interest to the inside of the card. To enhance the cut details lines and the shaped edge on the larger size of the note cards, they were lightly chalked with a medium blue to coordinate with the paper used for the card lining. The cutlines in the smaller size cards were embellished with “Clear Star” Gelly Roll pen. The fronts of the cards can be further embellished in many ways. The smaller size card would be perfect for an inviation to a casual party or gathering. The larger size would work for personal correspondence or even an wedding invitation.


This is a photo of the lining on the inside of the card.


I thought a free standing border of seashells would be fun to use to decorate note cards rather than cutting the card with a shaped edge. Scrapbook paper with an ocean scene provided a great background for note cards using these borders and stamped images. The cut lines and edges on the borders were emphasized by chalking. Plain paper linings hide the printing on the back side of the ocean scene paper and provide stability for the scrapbook paper.


An event at the beach is bound to provide some great photo opportunities. How much fun would it be to use some of the photos to create mementos as gifts for the people who attended. I used the files for the larger size note cards and created an opening in the front of the card for a 4″ x 6″ photo. The lining cutting file has no opening so the back of the photo is covered.


Another way, perhaps a bit more traditional, to thank people for attending an event on the beach or for gifts received at an event, could be thank you cards. I used a smaller size note cards without a shaped edge and added a freestanding seashell border, with details emphasized by chalking. The words “Thank You” and the double outline on the card on the left were drawn by putting a roller ball pen in the blade holder clamp on the KNK cutter instead of the blade holder with a blade. Those on the card on the right, were embossed in the vellum by using a foam cushion on the cutting mat and an embossing tool with a small round ball on the end in the blade holder clamp. The text for the embossing was mirrored so it would stand out on the right side rather than being depressed. The paper used for these cards was purchased embossed with small dots. To provide a smooth surface for writing or pinting inside the card, plain blue paper was cut and pasted to the inside. The lining also covers the ribbon threaded throught the word panels on the inside of the card.

These files could be used to make note cards just because you like seashells even if you aren’t having or aren’t planning an event at the beach. Or even if you are land locked as I am in Colorado.

The files are available to download from these links:

Seashell Card in KNK Format

Thank You Embellishment in KNK Format

Seashell Card and Thank You in AI Format

Seashell Card and Thank You in SVG Format

31 thoughts on “Seashell Cards

  1. WOW, Judy!!! The ideas and files shared here are over the top. Combined with the cup cake wrappers, what an impressive celebration/party these details would provide for any hostess. I love all the options you have given and the obvious thought put into this collection.

    • Thanks, Lynn! it was a fun project and once I started, I kept thinking of more things to do.

    • I am very new to die cut machines. I have a Pazzle Inspiration. What do I need to do to cut the borders on the Pazzle?

      • Hi Barb, I am sorry but I am not familiar with the Pazzle machines. I will email Sandy and ask her to help you.

  2. Judy, I love how you took the sea shell images and found unique ways to make this into a party. I will definitely use this! Thanks for sharing the file.

    • Thanks, Deb! I’d love to see how you use them. A good excuse to have a party maybe?

  3. Yet another amazing project! I love seashell images, and I honestly had never really used cut lines as detail, like you have. It’s brilliant, really.

    Thanks Judy!

    • Thank you, Chad! When I got my first KNK I had no idea how much fun it would be. The possibilities are truly endless.

    • Thanks, Nancy! Thanks to Sandy’s help, I am able to share the files and I hope you have fun with them.

  4. Judy, I love what you did with this – demonstrating the flexibility of a design. I have a friend whose daughter is having a beach wedding this summer and I will have to show these to her – the possibilities, with various materials, are endless.

    • Michelle, Thank You!! I’d love to see them used for a wedding. Please let me know if your friend likes them and what you do with them. I have many more ideas for using these seashells that you and your friend might find useful.

  5. Thanks for sharing your talent! I love the notecards. And you know how much I love to use a file for more than 1 thing. Another awesome project!

    • Thank you Omayra! I have always had a bit of a fascination with seashells. You are welcome.

  6. What a versatile cut!!! It’s stunning with each different setting! Thanks for sharing the file too.! 🙂

    • You are welcome, Kathy. It is fun to see how different the same designs can look. Thanks for the hugs!

    • Thanks, Kylee!! I get a lot of help and inspiration from others and that includes you! Thanks for that!

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  8. Thank you Judy for the beautiful file. Wow, So many ways to use this. Im headed to the beach next week so I will have to use this file.

    Love all your projects.


    • You are welcome, Sharon. Would like to see how you use the files. Thanks for the compliments.

  9. Judy, you have really utilized these designs in such a variety of ways. I could see you making really big ones for place mats for a luncheon… Your design layout is beautiful, too. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. Do you have ESP??? I was thinking the same thing about the place mats but got on a roll with the cards and didn’t do them.

  10. O I would love to have the svg file but it won’t let me download it. It goes to xml message. But the card is to die for. You done a wonderful job.

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