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Today’s post is a scrapbook page modified to make a beautiful shoe box design. With my KNK Groove-e, a shoe box and cardstock, I was able to bring to life what was simply a picture taken some years ago. I used cardstock to make the flowers, the clay pot, the palm tree, the plants and the word “Love”. It looks very nice and you can give this as a gift to someone very special. The picture that you see in this post is a picture of my lovely parents. I want to make some of these for my 25th Anniversary, with our own wedding picture, and plan to use them as party favors.

This project is really easy to make and you can have a lot of fun with it.

Materials Used:



    • Design your project in KNK Studio or MTC. I made the pink flowers with a heart shapes (Attached Files)
    • Insert the Blue or Red Cap Blade, It depend the thick of your cardstock. I used the Blue Cap Blade with a Cardstock that had Glitter on it.
    • Set the Force of the machine to 40 and the Speed to 150.
    • After it is cut, you have to Quilling the paper to make the flowers.
    • Finally glue a nice scrapbook paper as a background, glue the picture and have fun Embelishing your Box.

As an idea, you can cut part of the shoe box lid out and put a clear plastic on it and your Box will last for many years nice and clean.



Attached Files

5 thoughts on “Scrapbook Page in a Box

  1. I love this idea. I will give it a try. What lovely decorations these would make.

  2. I love this idea as well. I have another project I’d like to share. I’ll send Photos and instructions when I have more time. They are photos done on canvas with some interesting textures and techniques. I’ll try and share them by the end of this week.

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