{School’s out for SUMMER!!

Well, by the time you’re reading this it will be. I’m on a year around schedule, which means I get a month off at Christmas (which rocks), a month off for Spring break (which also rocks) and then I work until the 3rd week of July (boo!). Meanwhile, my kids are on the traditional schedule and they got out mid-June. Of course, they were going to school those 5 weeks I had off during the year (which allowed me to get a bunch of stuff….er…. crafting done).



Glogal over at the MTC forum posted this school cupcake file box for free!


Scroll down the thread because she has an updated file further in the thread that fixes the steeple roof. I didn’t have a look at the fix, I used the old file and I wasn’t quite sure how the roof was supposed to go, but I stuck it on there and it’s fine.



I only had 3 large sheets of red paper and I will never. ever. use. that. kind. again. I hate the way it cut. I don’t like white core paper to begin with (when you fold it you see the white) and while the Zing can cut the stuff with no problem, I just don’t like the way it looks when it’s done.

I had to use the same brand with the black and I am ready to just dump the whole pad.

Wow, what a difference Worldwin cutmates card stock makes. (I sound like a commercial right there and I’m okay with that).

So I didn’t exactly cut this project out as a cupcake box.


cause I made it a card box.






I made the envelopes by hand. Never, ever will I do that again. I think they turned out ugly. Next time I will use the Zing. These are 3.25 x 3.25 cards (as the box is 3.5″). The apple is from Lettering Delights, the graduation set, and the notebook paper is from one of the Lettering Delights graphics sets (I’m not so good at keeping track of what set). I just made 3.125×3.125 squares in Photoshop and dropped in the paper and the text. I cut them out using a paper cutter. I know, I know, the Zing police will get me, because like the envelopes, it would have been much easier to do a print and cut. But since they were square with a rounded corner, I went with the old fashioned way.


You know how I like things to have dimension:


The box holds 12 cards with dimension and 12 envelopes with no problem.

But wait, there’s more…

Obviously I was out of the red paper (thankfully!), so I pulled out a DCWV stack and decided to make an old fashioned looking school house.



The steeple looks like it was falling off in that picture. I fixed it, so it isn’t so lopsided. I’m just too lazy to take another picture.

Look at the difference of the Zing cutting cutmates paper:



Those letters are less than 3/4″ tall.

Here’s where I had to do some tweaking of the file. I decided I wanted the windows to cut out and then I made the window panes a little bit bigger so I could glue them on. I discovered a little problem:


When you put the lid on, it covers the windows. It was an easy fix. I just selected the rectangles and moved them towards the middle square, the base of the file.

Then I put vellum as the windows and since it is translucent, discovered another little problem:


When you glue the tabs, you can see them through the windows. I just trimmed them down, as you see here, but if you decide to make the file this way, a super easy fix is to unlock and select the base file and turn it 90 degrees. That puts the tabs on the windows sides so that you can’t see ’em when you glue them.

The author of this file did a wonderful job on it, so I hope I don’t come across as critical. I didn’t use the file as she intended it to be used so that’s why you have to do these little fixes. No biggie for me because I like tweaking things to my liking.

20130715-IMG_0196 Stick a little tea light in there and turn that baby on.


Cause it looks super cool in the dark.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling for another month.





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  1. I love the project. I did however, like the old fashioned school house you made, looks much better. The card box a good idea! Great job!

  2. What a fabulous project. Thank you, thank you for sharing the file and your tips for construction. I love these kind of 3D projects, so can’t wait to try this out.

  3. This could be used for a multitude of things. The schoolhouse could be a church or a haunted house too. Great job.

  4. love love love the one with the candle…thank you for all your great tips

  5. I think white-core paper could work for a haunted house giving it an aged/distressed look.

  6. Deb, I really wonder, do you ever sleep? You create the most fantastic and intricate projects that are amazing, and you make it look simple. Which inspires us to try to make them. Thanks!

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