School Themed Gift Card Holders with Envelopes

If you have someone special that you will be recognizing when school comes to an end in just a couple of months, one of these gift card enclosures may be your perfect answer.  All were cut on my KNK Maxx from cardstock.


  1. Card with Graduation Hat
    • Hat is cut from cardstock and attached with pop dots for dimension
    • Silky, dimensional tassel was inserted into a hole in the top of the cap
    • Text is cut from vinyl
    • Bottom tab closure
    • Envelope is the same size that was included in my last post.
  2. Card is created to resemble a whiteboard with a message.
    • Apple and leaves are cut from cardstock
    • Text is cut from vinyl
    • Includes envelope sized for the card
  3. Apple-shaped card
    • Leaf and stem are cut from cardstock
    • Text on the front and inside are cut from vinyl
    • Includes envelope sized for the card
  4. Card with Graduation Hat
    • Hat, tassel and text are all cut from vinyl
    • Bottom tab closure
    • Envelope is the same size that was included in my last post.

Free files are included in KNK, PDF, and MTC formats.  Enjoy!

School Gift Card Collection

21 thoughts on “School Themed Gift Card Holders with Envelopes

  1. Lynn,
    Once again you have done a fantastic job of making these gift cards. With graduations looming in the near future these will come in handy. I didn’t see where the free files were though. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for you kind approval! You were up early! My files didn’t go up as early as the post, obviously. So happy you have since received them. Like my file posting, my appreciation is a bit late being posted. That’s because Cup Cake Judy has been here and we have been having way too much fun with the KNK…and Sandy. 🙂

    • Gift cards seem to be the 21st Century option that everyone appreciates and I love discovering new options for gifting them. So happy you like them.

  2. Lynn, Thanks for sharing! Just this morning I woke up thinking I need to get some graduation cards made.
    We always give gift cards so this is perfect!! GREAT JOB!

  3. Lynn, The gift card designed like a whiteboard is exactly what I needed for my grandson’s step-brother. He is in second grade and has had some emotional problems. He has made some huge strides lately and recently won his first ever award in school for helping on the recycling crew. I want to make a huge deal out of this accomplishment. I am going to put a recycling sign where the apple is on your example, but the rest is perfect. His favorite place to eat is McDonalds, so I’m sending him a McDonald’s gift card. I couldn’t figure out what to do, but the second I saw this, I knew! It drives me crazy that I can’t think of hings on my own…have to rely on other’s creativity. Thanks for sharing you idea! Great Job!!!!!!!

    • You have truly warmed my heart with this post. When I post, I am always praying that it will match the need or desire of someone reading my post. Thanks for sharing how you will be using it. There may be more to come in the future as I am always looking for a new way to give a gift card to someone that I have already given one to.

  4. Lynn-

    you always come up with something that we can all use. Much nicer than the store gift card holders, and gives the personal touch, that is so lacking sometimes when we hand someone a gift card. I always feel guilty just handing over a gift card, now I won’t so much!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I know that feeling well. I find that with a unique card to put the gift card in sometimes gets just as much attention as the gift card itself…and that warms my heart. I hope you using one of these does the same for you.

    • You are very welcome, Brenda. Hope you have the perfect occasion for using one of them.

  5. What great idea Lynn. I love the font that you used for the word “congratulations”. Great, Thank you so much for sharing the files.

    • So happy that you like my post. The font used for “Congratulations” is ADONISRegular. If don’t find it, email me privately and I will send it to you.

  6. Thanks, Lynn for another great idea with the clear instructions and photos. Thanks for the files!

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