School Days

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….when the kids go back to school!! Make the first day back to school for your future rocket scientist a little more personal with this wise owl’s good luck wishes. No cheat sheets here, slip this card into their lunch box as an added sweet treat telling your special student you’re thinking of them. I used card stock and using a force of 100 and a speed of 350 made the cutting easy and clean. First, I used a scoring blade on the “wings” to have them fold easily, then I changed to a cutting blade. I made sure my mat was sticky and the pinch wheels are free of paper “crumbs”. Don’t forget to use a good glue. One of my favorites is a “quick grab” glue that holds the pieces in place.

20 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Cute idea! I sometimes do notes, but this is adorable! I may have to step it up a notch :-\
    love hugs and prayers

  2. I really like your owl card. What size did you make it? Where would I find the file? Is it for sale?

  3. This is absolutely adorable. I love it and can think of many things it can be used for besides school kids. My kids are all grown but something like this for a hubby or best friend or just to send the kids a note would be great. You done good sweetheart.

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