Rhinestone Simulations, Free Files, Free Videos!

Today’s post is all about learning how to do rhinestone simulations! Many of our KNK customers have rhinestone businesses and need a way to show their clients how a design will look on a shirt before cutting the template. So, I came up with a method to do this back in 2009 when I first began supporting rhinestone designing in KNK Studio and in ACS Studio. Just a few weeks ago, the same topic came up again, but for the KNK Zing using Make The Cut! The methods are easy once the designs are created. Just remember to save your original design! This is critical in KNK Studio because adding the simulation changes the actual file itself. But even in Make The Cut, you will be inclined to resize the design after adding the simulated texture and that can also cause problems later if you forget that you’ve done that!

Here’s a close up of the crystal simulation. Note that files are provided for a range of simulations which match the stone colors most commonly used and also sold at KNK USA.

So, here are links to the free videos you need for learning how to add a rhinestone simulation in either KNK/ACS Studio or in Make The Cut:

Video for Rhinestone Simulation in KNK or ACS

Video for Rhinestone Simulation in Make The Cut

And then I’m also sharing the butterfly outline design in KNK, MTC, and PDF formats. Here’s a link for those of you who collect cutting files… especially rhinestone cutting files! : )

Rhinestone Butterfly Outline

15 thoughts on “Rhinestone Simulations, Free Files, Free Videos!

    • OH NANCY! You will LOVE IT! It is so much fun and so easy once you do it once! I need to do more but I always go back to my old faithful vinyl 🙂 LOL

  1. Thanks, Sandy, for reminding us of how versatile and useful our software packages are. Also thanks for the videos. I always learn so much from your videos because you make it sooooo easy to learn. Now I can go bling a new T-Shirt! THANKS!

  2. Thanks Sandy! I was so be-dazzled by the bling when I went to the Denver Retreat that I had to buy some supplies….yep, haven’t broken that out to play with yet either! LOL Thanks for the reminder and the free file!!! Hope to take some time to try it out soon!
    Hugs!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the videos and file, Sandy. Once I learn how to operate my Groove-E, I’m going to make a design template and learn how to do this too.
    You are such a good teacher too. Thanks for helping us to get the most out of our machines.

  4. Sandy thank you so much, you are so awesome. If I love my KNK is thanks to you. Thank you for another great tutorial, uufff that has been a lot, lol.

  5. Sandy I finally tried this and its GREAT! What a clever idea and so useful! I showed my daugther’s teacher a tshirt design she wanted this way. So nice to see it look finished without wasting the supplies if its not what she wanted! Thanks again! This will be VERY useful!

  6. Sandy, I just can’t say enough about the tutorials and info in the manuals you provide. I made rhinestone designs by hand for several years for my daughter’s show clothes (and some for-fun clothes too) and I estimate this reduced my labor by 50-60%. If I was making multiples of a design that would be more like 90%!

  7. thank you, thank you , thank you. We are so fortunate to have your posts, instructions and videos. We would not be producing at the level we are if not for you.

  8. I keep thinking I should try doing some rhinestones. Maybe this weekend, I have an extra day!

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