Reflectra PlotFOIL © Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflectra®  is available as both a plotter-cut (Plotfoil) and an embroidery applique (Stitchfoil) heat transfer material, comes in 23 different patterns and 17 solid colors, including neon and a frosty clear (Sensation Translucent).  No matter how dark the color is in natural light, the entire design lights up bright white when hit with the flash of a camera, flashlight, or headlights.

I decided to test this product by making a scarf for my daughter Brooke’s dog, Cooper.

CWest_RPF_Normal View


KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade

Reflectra Plotfoil Heat Transfer Vinyl 

Maxx Air Settings

  • Blade = Red Blade, Blade height = 25
  • Force =45
  • Velocity = 205
  • # Passes = Disabled
  • Blade Offset = .35
  • The material cuts like all heat transfer vinyl, only a minimal exposure of the blade is needed. The design should be reversed and the clear heat proof carrier sheet face down on the mat.

CWest_RPF_Heat Press

  • I then set up my design on the doggie scarf and pressed with my heat press for the recommended time and pressure. Temperature at 335°F, firm even pressure for 15 seconds. Peel the clear backing when cool. Cover with a Telfon© sheet or kraft paper and repress for 5 seconds.

CWest_RPF_Cooper Scarf

  • We took Cooper outside at night to see how it works. Like all reflective material the light source needs to hit the design at a good angle to work. The stars and Coopers name glowed bright white when hit with the flash of the camera even though the color of the vinyl is royal blue!

CWest_RPF_Reflective View CWest_RPF_Normal View




This is a fun material to get some cool effects on clothing, and really light up the night!

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