Ready to Support and Cheer for Your Team?

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My son is playing on the football team for his school. I am so proud of him that I decided to support him by making some T-shirts with his name. I made a T-shirt for all my family to wear to his game! LOL. Even my granddaughter, who is only nine months old, was supporting him.

This is very simple to do. What you will need:

1. KNK

2. Iron-On Transfer Vinyl

3. Iron or Heat Press

4. MTC or KNK Studio


Design your own artwork in MTC or KNK Studio and cut it with your KNK cutter machine. IMPORTANT: because you cut iron-on with the adhesive side up, remember to mirror your lettering and shapes before cutting. Also, you only cut through the vinyl layer, and not through the thick shiny, heat-protection layer.

Pre-heat your shirt for 2 seconds with your iron or heat press. Then, follow the vinyl manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the vinyl. I used iron-on vinyl from, and because my heatpress machine is Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, I used 180C for 15 seconds and it worked great.

And because we also had to take a chair to the game, I decided to make some for it, too! LOL


KNK, chair, Chair, cover, KNK, vinyl








To apply to a chair, follow the same procedure that you use for shirts, however, for this type of material, you can NEVER use the big regular heat press because it will melt your chair. I used the manual iron sold at (currently out of stock), and you have to be very careful with the pressure and the amount of heat applied so your chair does not melt.

But your final project will be amazing!!!

Finally, my inspiration to make this project: my handsome and my very special football player EVER, whom I LOVE so much. God Bless him!!!









30 thoughts on “Ready to Support and Cheer for Your Team?

  1. Wow, Omayra, you did a great job and I had no idea you could apply the iron-on to a chair like that. I remember seeing the handles on tote bags get melted because they couldn’t take the heat. I never thought of just using the little hand iron they sell. Good for you!

    Edited: Note that the small hand iron that Omayra used for the chair is currently out of stock at KNK USA.

    • You cannot use the big heatpress for the chairs for with the hand iron you can do it. You just have to be carefull and do it in a circular motion until the vinyl stick to the chair.

    • Hi
      I was wondering what the difference with the knk iron is? can i get away with using a home iron?

  2. Once again you’ve outdone yourself! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!
    Love hugs and prayers

  3. Thanks for adding to my to do list. Our kids might seem imbarrased when we support them but they really do appreciate it.

    • Oh yes A, he was so excited because he was the football player with more fans wearing his name, LOL. This is his first year playing.

  4. Just love it! I’ll certainly be doing this for my grandkid’s soccer games.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Linda, just do it in a circular motion and medium press. You will do it great. I melted one trying, LOL. But I said no, nope this has to works and it worked. And it looks so beautiful.

  5. make me wish my kids were still in school so I could do this! Great job! Had to laugh since I have melted material before as well. I’ll have to go check out the irons.

  6. How fun! I bet he is proud to see his family even if he pretends to be embarrassed as most kids that age would be!

  7. what a wonderful idea and thank you for such great instructions…love the chair idea…and the t shirts are wonderful

  8. that is great, i am trying to start making some t-shirts for my sons soccer team…
    no heat press….
    what is the difference between the knk iron and a regular home iron?

    • I have no idea what is the maximum heat of the regular iron, but the KNK iron get the same heat of the big heat press. For it size, The KNK iron it is great to make the chair because the regular iron is too big and it will melt the chair.

      My recommendation: try to use the regular iron using a little piece of the vinyl inside the T-shirt. Sorry, but I never have used a regular iron to make a T-shirts. I will try it and I will let you know how it works for me.

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