It was on clearance…(And the windmill is done!!!)

How many of you purchase items solely because they were on clearance and you think you will use them one day?  This chalkboard was purchased after the 2015 graduation season was over. I didn’t take a picture of the whole thing but this is what was in one corner labeling it 2015. I knew with my KNK Maxx I would be able to turn it into whatever I wanted.



Of course when I removed the 2015 label it removed some of the “chalkboard” came off with the label. (It seems to be a cheap chalk paper which is why I love the chalkboard vinyl.) So I decided to replace it with a nice piece of red cardstock, same size and shape, and then personalize it with my nieces name and year of her future graduation. Because it was just a simple 90% corner I decided to just use my paper cutter to cut off the corner of  piece of paper. I then used double sided tape to apply it to the corner to cover the chalkboard that I messed up. Then I applied her name, but the transfer tape also ripped off some of the cheap paper.

IMG_4981-min So I cut a black strip of paper to cover the newest error and then added a red vinyl stripe. I don’t think anyone but me would know it was a clearance item revamped.

IMG_4982-min Here it is finished. IMG_4984-min I only used the KNK Maxx to cut the name and date from vinyl. I believe the font is Daydreamer.




15″ KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Speed 500

Force 40

And as promised, here is the windmill. My husband definitely had the tougher job with this. He had to get a lift to raise him over 30 feet in the air to put the top on the windmill. He said half way up he thought “maybe I should hire someone” but went ahead and did it himself.

IMG_5031-min IMG_5029-min

8 thoughts on “It was on clearance…(And the windmill is done!!!)

  1. i LOVE re-purposing clearance items to make fantastic gifts!!! A shopaholics dream! great job!

  2. I LOVE Clearance and yes, it is as you mention; “to use them one day”, lol. Your project is adorable. And your windmill is SPECTACULAR. I imagine that you spend hours just seeing it. I LOVE it!!!

    • I hope I have enough days to use all of my clearance items. :~)
      The windmill is pretty awesome.

  3. The windmill is indeed SPECTACULAR. Getting things on clearance that you can use later is a real plus. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, it is fun that the windmill has our name on it. If the vinyl ever needs to be replaced it won’t be fun.

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