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Quinceañera Post

There is a “Quinceañera” in my family. So I looked like Donkey from the Shrek Movie, saying, “I want to use my KNK, I want to do it, I want to do it!” LOL. A “Quinceañera” is a very important event when a young girl turns 15 years old. It is similar to a Sweet 16 celebration. And I always like having an excuse to cut with my KNK Groove-e. Sandy taught me to love my KNK… Thank you Sandy!

They are going to celebrate with a “Quinceañera Mask” party and the colors that they chose are Apple Green, Blue and Purple. After I traced one mask template from the Internet, I found that the MTC program has a beautiful mask included in the program. So I used my WONDERFUL and TERRIFIC KNK to cut the masks out of chipboard from KNK USA. I am making a mask for every guest girl and porcelain dolls for the centerpieces. I am decorating them with feathers, ribbons, and glitter.

Quinceañera, Mask, KNK

Mask Centerpiece Quinceañera Mask









To make the masks, I cut two chipboard pieces to make it firmer, then added glitter and embellished them. I glued the embellished mask to a wood stick which was covered with ribbons. After that, I decorated a glass base to hold the masks as a centerpiece so the girls could each take a mask from the table.





As you can see, I used masks everywhere! LOL. So now for the Guest Book:

Quinceanera, Guest Book, KNK, Mask I simply resized the mask file to be smaller, cut it out, and decorated it to match the others items.

Now the main Centerpiece…

Mask, Quinceanera, KNK, Centerpiece 15








I also used my KNK to cut the number 15 and the mask that the doll is wearing out of chipboard. As you can see, the chipboard worked beautifully for all of these decorations!

21 thoughts on ““Quinceañera” Mask

  1. these are fantastic! love the colors, so happy and fun. you did a wonderful job on the masks and accessories.

  2. I love love love your color scheme and your masks. Thank you so much for showing them.

  3. what a lovely explaination about the “Quinceañera”…..your masks are wonderful and the girls will just adore them…loved seeing the beautiful dolls also…thank you

    • I thought that the masks for the dolls would be hard to do it because of the size but this is was very easy and fun to do… Thank you for your comment…

  4. What fun!!! I love your idea for each guest to have a mask. Good luck to you!

  5. Great job, Omayra!! I am sure you had lots of fun making and decorating the masks. Girls of all ages enjoy dressing up and especially for an occasion so meaningful.

  6. Omayra, I love your sense of whimsy. This was a great creative project. Not only the uniqueness of it, but the colors and the elements you made for the party are just fantastic. Another GREAT JOB.

  7. The colors are great. The party must of been fantastic. thanks for sharing

  8. I’m sure you have a very excited 15 year old girl in your family! These masks are so FUN. You did a fabulous job … as always!

  9. These are all beautiful, they are so lucky to have you in the family to do this. This really makes it special. ~Diane

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