Punkin Head

I like to use all of my various software packages that can create/cut files on my 15″ KNK Maxx Air.  I have KNK Studio, Make the Cut, and Pop-Up Card Studio.  For this post I used all of them to create parts for my Halloween card.  I also used a purchased file from My Scrap Chic which definitely ramped up the quality of my card.

Here is the finished card – outside and inside.  As you can see, I also used a mixture of materials for my card – card stock, wall vinyl, and holographic vinyl.

CardFront-Optimized CardInside-Optimized

 Materials Used:

Various Cardstocks

Wall Vinyl

Holographic Vinyl

Double Sided Adhesive Tape


Machine Used:  15″ Maxx Air

Blade Used:  Red (standard material) blade

Force:  Cardstocks – 40 – 50

Vinyls – 13

Speed:  80 – 100

This was a fun card to make because I was able to use all of my software packages and a variety of materials.  The “punkin” eyes, the saying on the card front, and the glitter on the letters inside the card are all vinyl.  The pop-up element on the inside was created in the Pop-Up Card Studio and exported as an SVG format file.  The file was imported into Make the Cut and the card base cut from there.  The holographic vinyl is a shadow layer of the “Happy Halloween” letters.

The file from My Scrap Chick is from a design set named “Lil Punkins”.

Click on this link to download the files I created in KNK, MTC, and SVG formats. CuttingFiles_JudyKay

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Judy. I love the fact that you used all of your software. I am more of a mean Halloween gal, but this also gave me some ideas. Sure wish you lived in AZ and we could all see you more often.

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